The general all-purpose Mark Kozelek thread?


Oh, Exodus is the Iron Mike one, right? Remember him playing that live. Come to think of it I did listen to the first Jesu record.


the other one makes me get a bit teary too


Will catch up over the next couple of months. Best live performer I’ve seen, always really entertaining.


I’m considering going to see him in London.

I would definitely go if it wasn’t London


Yeah, I hadn’t planned on going that far but going to make a weekend of it.


also they say don’t meet your heroes right?


I dunno know whether that still applies when your hero has already committed his every banal and dickish thought to tape?

I actually think the reverse is true with Koz - he can come across as a bit of an arse on record (ie. complaining that the only people who buy his records are men in tennis shoes who obsess over whether he’s going to release an album on vinyl. Who else does he think are going to buy records of 15+ minute songs of a man reading from his diary over loops?), but he’s more charming in person & I think you get a better appreciation of his sense of humour from the live shows.


actually think it’s just part of the art he’s exploring to put those dickish thoughts out there along with the rest. We all have them after all to different extents he’s just no interested in censoring himself at the moment as evidenced by him talking about his colonoscopy and his prostate.

I’d like to hope I would condemn him if he was saying anything truly nasty about any groups…suppose it helps that I think war on drugs are really really lame anyway shrugs

My opinion is that he’s kind of taking the piss out of himself quite often but it’s never explicit. I mean that’s just down to anyone’s interpretation so it’s not a defence for anything but to me I find his newer stuff both funny and moving at the same time which is a rare thing.


Yeah, I largely agree – I reckon amongst the millions of people putting out records around the world, there’s room for one guy somewhere to be doing this incredibly meta stream of consciousness type stuff. I get the ‘no filter’ thing too and putting out the ugly thoughts with the good is pretty brave and admirable.

Fundamentally though for me, he’s just put out far too much stuff this year and I think the quality’s almost inevitably taken a hit as a result. There’s probably one great album that could have been culled from four bloated ones. I did think the TV theme shows one at the end of Common As Light… where he talks about writing it as a filler song to complete the record…the two hour record…was kind of hilarious though.

There are some good moments on all, but he could have worked everything up more to have been better. Benji, Perils & SKM/Jesu 1 work as both storytelling and music with good re-play value, whereas the latter’s got missed in the rush to put out as much as possible this year.


well if he’s happy to put out a record every 3 months I’m happy to just listen to his new stuff and treat it more as “I wonder what Mark’s been up to” rather than trying to focus on whether something is a great record.


Totally agree with this. Plus the fact that some tracks are still filler or total guff is a bit pointless. He’s still getting sales from his core of fans but surely an album of the best stuff from all of this years releases from him would have been a lot better reviewed and more successful?
Conscious reaction to the success of Benji maybe?
Really tired of him reading letters but enjoyed the twist to that trope on 30 Seconds…
The minutiae he goes into sometimes leaves him in danger of becoming equivalent to the Family Guy version of Randy Newman.


I’m guessing Norman Records aren’t fans:


Uncanny! I’ll bet he’s seen a sharp increase in fan letters since he started including them in his songs and awarding songwriting credits & royalty cheques to those used…

The Norman Records reviews over the last few albums have all been very entertaining. Not fans.


Another 90 minute release;

I’m on the second track. Dunno if it’s my headspace but finding this kinda pleasant


He mentioned at a recent show there’s a new SKM coming in 2018 too :slight_smile:


just the one?


Haha. So far.


This is so so so bleak.


Think it sounds pretty great. Astronomy sounds lovely and I assume February Rain is another song about Katy. Better than that awful sean heaton collab for sure


Tried listening to this the other day. Thought I was about half way through the album, but turned out I was still only on track 2…

Jim White’s drumming sounds fantastic and it’s probably a good record, but my Kozelek cells are way too saturated at this point to absorb any more for a good while unfortunately.

He should do a collab with My Vitriol next - then we can finally resolve the question of what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object once and for all.