The general all-purpose Mark Kozelek thread?


Quite like this one. Still fatigued by his vocals and lyrics but theyre still sorta comforting, and the instrumentation is probably the best since Universal Themes


The Robin Williams Tunnel is amazing and up there with his best work in my opinion.


I like ‘Astronomy’


Anyone going to the Shep’s Bush Empire show on Sunday?

Looks like he’s been playing quite a few tracks from the records he’s done with Sean Yeaton and Jim White.


bloody love ‘Beautiful You’ so much


Yeah so do I! Even though it’s long it still has a focus, and a real haunting feel. Some great lyrics.


Never been to SB Empire. Seems to be an all seated affair, got a seat number on my ticket for level 1, anyone know if it is in fact usually designated seating or more likely just first come first served?


There’s four levels with the ground floor for standing and then the other levels are all seated. It’s mostly first come, first served so make sure you get there with plenty of time to find the best spot available.


how was the london gig?


Well for me it was amazing! Can’t believe how great the chemistry his band has and how intense/charismatic Mark was. Played a few off the Jim white/Ben Boye record, most songs seemed about 20 mins long but very intense. Super rocki version of Dogs too and I think three or four new tracks which I loved but probably everyone on DiS hates Oh well.

Too bad there were some right bellends in the crowd but maybe that’s just London?


Anyone feel like making an essentials playlist of the post Benji stuff? I’m thinking like ten tracks? Or would that defeat the point?

I’m interested but just can’t summon up the will to wade through it all…


Oh I could easily do this :slight_smile:


Definitely Birds of Flims and Garden of Lavender from “Universal Themes”, Exodus, Beautiful You, Fathers Day from “Jesu/Sun Kil Moon”, Bombs, A dream of winter and needles disney from the second Jesu/SKM and The Robin Williams Tunnel, Astronomy and February Rain from “Mark Koz with ben boye and jim white”


Well, this is a fun and kind thing of you to do!


Is CALALARVOB worth a second go? Fucking hated it, turned it off after the 4th track. The one about the fight was ok though




I think it’s worth listening to throughout, at least once. Doesn’t have a lot of replay value and as “songs” they’re not that strong as such, but it’s an interesting listen. Definitely have to be in the right headspace to get anything out of it though - not an album to try persevere through


this lad’s a bit of a chancer really isn’t he


I liked it enough when I took a long walk and just let it was over. It’s more like a spoken word collection of stories and recollections some of which are mundane some are quite nice but definitely not one to pick individual “songs” from. Not much replay value once you’ve heard all the stories (and Chilli Lemon Peanuts is shite and skipable from the get go)


It was a decent gig, the guy is always an engaging performer, but probably the least enjoyable of the five times I’ve seen him. Full band set up, loud electric sound and a setlist that leaned heavily towards his most recent material and unreleased improv stuff. The ben boye stuff did sound good live though and he played a couple of covers too, love his version of Rock N Roll Singer. I noticed quite a few people leaving early, he played until almost 11.30 so possibly it was train related, or maybe it was due to them not having any time for a 20 minute ramble that included details of a wank he’d had to the thought of some girl he met outside a gig. On the subject of the crowd they were very subdued, it was my first time seeing him in London and it was nothing like the raucous back and forth you get at one of his gigs in Scotland.