The general all-purpose Mark Kozelek thread?


Jfc are you joking about that bit? Grim.


easily the weakest of his albums this year I think. then again I never made it the whole way through tbh. maybe I should give it another go as well


Two more SKM records announced :slight_smile: Sounds like the spoken word stuff will continue on the November record. Quite interested to hear the songs recorded in hotel rooms though.


Oh God, not more!!! :scream: :scream:


At least one great Sun Kil Moon LP (reissue) coming out this year at least:


So after a few years bitching about fans asking if his albums are being re-issued on vinyl, he’s decided to take the money. I guess he’s getting down to a small hard core still willing to pay money for the last few releases?

Either way, will be very happy to get this one :grinning:


Good stuff.


Aye I’m buying all his latest on vinyl still and I know he likes to take digs at people who like records but he has to know that a lot of them are his core fanbase :rofl:
Fingers crossed the other SKM albums get repressed too.


Yeah, I think in his head he imagines his fanbase should be filled with attractive young females…and it probably was during the Red House Painters days…but what he’s putting out now is only ever going to appeal to indie looking blokes in their 30s and 40s who are kind of nerdy about things like vinyl releases.

I kept waiting for last year’s releases to come out vinyl, but unfortunately for Mark, I’d heard them by the time they eventually did and so knew they were all uniformly dreadful. Will happily buy anything prior to CALALARVOB that gets repressed though.


I waited on the LPs coming out before I listened to them so…yeah :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
If nothing else does get repressed at least Ghosts wont go for £200 second hand anymore. Crazy prices!
Have Admiral Fell Promises and Perils onwards on LP so I’d love April and Tiny Cities to get a repress.


Best Sun Kil Moon track released last year


wow you’re crazy, the collab with ben boye and jim white is easily in his top three records ever.




Hmm, that’s some claim Bam - for me, there’s three passable tunes on there at best. The rest sound either irritating or dreary & I don’t see it dislodging much pre-2017.

I’d much rather get one good record that he’s spent time working on every couple of years than all these millions of half-baked ones that just go on and on…


I love the jazzy free-fom nature of it. Personally I would rather hear him talk about his colon for 20 minutes a track rather than another forlorn breakup song. He’s dead right when he says he’s not in his mid twenties anymore and those records are still available on Amazon.


Surely your time would be better spent visiting lonely old people in order to get this fix?


Yeah, that’s fine - I wouldn’t dream of trying to convince you to like something you enjoy less.

I guess he only has a finite supply of relatives killed in fires, acquaintances, mercy killing acquaintances & illegal migrant labourers to draw on. Just frustrated because I think he’s at his best when he’s combining engaging stories and strong melodies. I’m not hearing much of either lately and Common As… brought to an end an awesome run of both for me.


For me I just think he’s much much better at writing songs with a somewhat traditional structure, goes without saying he has a real talent for that. There are a couple of his more recent songs (post Universal Themes) that I like but I actually don’t think he’s that good at this spoken word rambling stuff - most of the songs are very samey, lack energy and importantly don’t really offer much insight into anything important. There are also clearly now artists doing the rambling confessional thing much better (Mt Eerie for example).


Yes agreed. The lack of energy really comes into focus with the sheer length of the albums too.

The first Jesu collab is very good, but hard to escape the sense he’s just phoning this stuff in now he’s just rambling aimlessly/endlessly over loops sent by collaborators.

I reckon there may be a decent mini-album to be cribbed from last year’s releases, but not much more.


Been slowly introducing my dad to latter day Koz. He’s baffled by it all, especially universal themes. Great entertainment