The general all-purpose Mark Kozelek thread?


Half of Universal Themes is great and stands above Benji for me. A mini album of the best tracks would be a late period highlight:

  1. Birds of Flims
  2. Garden of Lavender
  3. It’s my first day and I’m Indian…

That’s a pretty strong, concise 30 minute mini album… could also chuck in “With a sort of Grace…” which is a bit naff but I like the outro and the change of pace


Think Birds Of Flims is one of his best, most beautiful songs of the his latter years. But it’s really awful how it features that ugly, horrific lyric where he pats himself on the back for not taking advantage of his drunk film colleague, though

Suppose that kind of sums him up really


Mark Kozelek self titled LP coming out in May

Sounds like more of the same really. Quite like that some of it was recorded in “Seal Rock Inn”


I look forward to hearing ‘The Mark Kozelek Museum’.
In my mind it’s just Mark being the audio tour guide of an actual museum then having Steve Shelley and Justin Broadrick set some music to it.


Interested to hear the new album. He was singing in a weird patois at times during his set at le guess who, wonder if he’ll bring that to the record


These two new songs aren’t great are they.


No sir I don’t like it


After spending a bit more time with ‘My love for you is undying’ there’s actually a bit of songcraft going on there, not a patch on Drop or Duk Koo Kim but beats the hell out of most of his post 2012 output, if you like RHP/old SKM.

The other new song sucks.


Seems to be a few gigs in the UK in the autumn:

OCTOBER 11, 2018
Mark Kozelek
Union Chapel

OCTOBER 12, 2018
Mark Kozelek

OCTOBER 14, 2018
Mark Kozelek
Summer Hall


Got as far as ‘Early June Blues’ before I wanted it to end. Just utterly mind numbing yet again.


you should listen to Vague Rock Song for a laugh then “I Love You Forever and Beyond Eternity” for a good song :slight_smile:


Nah, I’ll just listen to Ghosts of the Great Highway and reminisce about when he used to make decent music


Yep there always that option :grinning:
I’d settle for an album free of spoken word navel gazing for a change.


did you listen to his record with Ben Boye & Jim White? I reckon that’s more interesting and the free-form kinda jazz stuff really works well with his stream of consciousness lyrics.


don’t get why people just want a guy in his fifties to continue writing angsty songs from the perspective of a twenty-something.


All fooling aside…I think he can do whatever he wants at this point and I’m cool with that.
Loved all the RHP, SKM and collab albums up to and including Universal Themes, and the others have some great stuff as well.
Plus as some of his recent songs have proven: he doesn’t care about people complaining on internet forums about his music :grinning:


Yeah I’m sure he doesn’t care. I guess music is for different people at different times, doubt I’d have been much inter his newer stuff 10 years ago but likewise early RHP, Elliott smith etc that I used to love does nothing much for me now.


I don’t, and he’s earned the right to do whatever he wants, but the vast majority of his recent output is just waffle over occasionally pretty music. It’s like a shit blog with an acoustic. When he actually has a subject, like on Gustavo (one of the best songs he’s ever written) or on most of Benji, there’s definite merit to his latter era style. But most of the time it’s just the ramblings of a grumpy man in need of some serious, brutal editing.

Tl;dr - just get a blog, Mark.


Ngl bam, everything after universal themes has been naff in my eyes and not what I want to listen to. Each to their own and all that, but I’ll be listening to his earlier stuff with a smile.


I’m glad it makes you happy though. And he finally reissued Ghosts… on vinyl to please all us whiners at least.