The Genius Of Funk

Watched this last night and had a great time. The bits where they’re explaining ‘the funk’ are excellent. Particularly great performances from George Clinton and Billy Preston.

all purpose funk thread?


must watch that! :slight_smile:
aII purpose?
Iove george and aII his guises
prince is my reIigion
feeIing d’angeIo recentIy?

i’m not sure where to go with this - just wanted to put my hand up! :wink:

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start me off with d’angelo, I’ve never delved

this is what I’m on now

kinda fusion-y but undeniably funky

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nice! almost jazz fusion funk! bit of geroge benson vibe from a minute in!

d’angelo wise - he’s got more and more so over the years and his Iive band includes george and prince affiliates -

North sea 2015 - bit bass Iight so put it through speakers! :wink:
in fact - u can watch it here:

some other choice bits

D'angelo chicken grease! - YouTube - any 2015 version of chicken grease is amazing tbh. a proper ames brown/prince workout! the band is crazy!

amstredam 2012 amateur shot fuII show

D'Angelo - Black Messiah Full Album - YouTube - amazing album
D'Angelo - Voodoo 2000 (Disc I/II) - YouTube - more genius
D'Angelo - Voodoo 2000 (Disc II/II) - YouTube - part 2

bet u wish u had not asked now! :wink:


thought i would add there’s a pretty decent EWF box with 3 discs spanning a few decades in hmm for about 9.99 i got the other day that is weII worth a Listen!
aIso a fan of SIy and the family stone
must own about 25-30 p-funk albums. prince, RHCP & hiphop Ied me there! :slight_smile:

Ducking in here to acknowledge that the Average White Band are the funkiest white people of all time.

Wish I could watch that documentary in Ireland.

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New Funk recommendations?

I’m bringing Maxwell to the table.

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The new Childish Gambino stuff! He was an awful rapper but apparently a great funk and psycadelic soul singer! If the album is as great as these two tracks, this could be one of the surprise albums of the year


Sorry Lee, last post wasn’t a reply to you but obviously got love for D’Angelo. In a year of great music, his tribute cover of Sometimes it Snows in April might be my favourite song (but I have no objectivity when it comes to D)

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sounds similar to me with prince - certainly post 21/4. yeah that and monae’s bet tribute medley were my favourite tributes (even shed a tear during d’s SISIA - one of my fave p songs as it was!). <+)o <3

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saw him at phoenix festival on the first album tour and he did a funky version of ‘closer’ by nin! i was soId then and have been a fan ever since! his bet p tribute was great too! loved the new Lyrics! :slight_smile:

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Also finally saw D at Montreux Jazz Festival last year and… wow. The whole show was mesmerising, but Untitled in particular was one of the most captivating performances I’ve ever seen by any artist. Had the entire audience eating out the palm of his hand. Really a prodigious talent.

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mine was manchester on the BM tour! totally agree! phenomenaI. amazing band! closest i wiII ever get to seeing prince on the parade tour (which is possibly the highest praise i can give!) :slight_smile:

in case anyone fancies it - my new band the prohibition smokers’ club played supporting roachford the other week and after the 1st 2 songs it was a super funky affair so thought u might want to hear! :slight_smile: - enjoy!


Ha! Been watching that North Sea set this morning. Chris Dave completely kills it.

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III is probably my track of the year. I can’t listen to it in public without looking a complete nob.

wow! i was not expecting to feeI this childish gambino stuff as much as i am - it could be some p-funk rarities from back in the day! the effects/sounds are spot on. ta for the recommendation. :slight_smile:

Might go see Seun Kuti and Egypt 80 on wednesday. Anyone seen em?

not seen em but I’m pretty sure they’ll be great