The Genius Of Funk

Big dollops of funk available here. Been listening for about half an hour and all tasty so far


Underrated funk from The Politicians:

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Nice bassline.

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Funk flute forever

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it was a bit ago i posted my band The Prohibition Smokers’ Club for any fans of the groovy stuff (often these bands can be more Function Band than Funk Band) so i though i’d give an update in case any of u are at Truck FestivaI (we are on 7.30pm V&V stage sunday!) this weekend - we have got more how i intended it to be since Iast year, so i hope u dig it guys! :slight_smile: - at Wychwood.
The Prohibition Smokers' Club - Cornbury Festival 2017 - YouTube - at Cornbury ( with a stand-in bassist btw)