The George Floyd protests (cw - state violence)

Post about the on-going protests and disturbances in US cities here. Please spoiler any violent or otherwise sensitive content, and tag what it is. Thanks.

US police departments have always been stacked but more recently they’ve been over-funded (at the same time as other public departments have been hit by austerity), leading to the ludicrous military grade gear they’re now hitting the streets with. In fact one of Andrew Cuomo’s last actions was to defund healthcare whilst waving through an increase to the police budget. It does tell you exactly where the priorities of the American elite lie.

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Not knowing much about the US, am trying to figure out if this is business as usual (a periodic upswing that’s part of a long-term faultline running from the 70s until now), or if these are particularly major protests. The fact that they’re happening in so many places is making me lean towards the latter, this morning at least.

This is not business as usual. It’s closer to the Civil Rights protests of the 60s, where white people are actual allies or finally waking to the fact that the cops will turn on them, too, if they don’t “Respect mah authoritay”.

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Why do you think it was this incident in particular that has lit the touchpaper?

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5 years ago.

This is a vital commentary on the situation:


I don’t know but certainly it’s been building for a long time. The video of LAPD assaulting Rodney King changed a lot of minds and the following farce of a trial changed even more.
This time, we also have more white supremacists in every law enforcement agency, a global pandemic, huge unemployment, angry young people, a complete moron as president, and unequivocal evidence of murder…which is still being downplayed.


Trevor Noah supports the murder of South African miners.


This was the one doing the rounds on Friday

There was a list of more throughout the country yesterday but, I can’t bloody find it.

If you expand that^ then there’s a link

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Yep that was the one I was thinking of. Hadn’t crossed my mind to pool money together on Friday.

Some context to that would be appreciated.

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Alternative media

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Yeah that’s gross, thanks. What a confusing world.


Jaydon Rancho had a “Justice for George Floyd” shirt scoring for Dortmund today, Marcus Thuram took a knee scoring for Mönchengladbach