🏏 The glorious New test dawn cricket thread 🏏🙄

McCoy’s grabbing defeat from the jaws of victory is it…

Never seen Zaman Khan bowl before. Can’t be many more sideways actions than that. Do bowlers still have to have scans/tests and stuff like that like years ago? Remember there being a massive kerfuffle about a couple of Sri Lankan bowlers.

Was on the pitch watching him train the other month, is an awful action and felt almost like he can’t rotate his arm normally.

Reviews still take place, there’s a margin around 15 degree elbow extension that gets looked at.

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didn’t expect it that quickly!

Could go a test match


Could go a thread auto-closing.

Could go an elite run out


Elite jogging from Cornwall more like. Unforgivable!

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does anybody currently play cricket themselves?

wondering how to get into it

@wikihock I remember you saying you play/have played in recent times… I think

Yeah, happy to advise via DM - just used playcricket to find my local club, then texted the contact and joined.

Most clubs will have a few teams, so as long as you find the right kind of club, it should be alright.

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I would recommend going to watch your local team and just start chatting to them - ask if they have a Sunday team as you’ll probably want some low stakes friendly cricket to start. They’ll probably be really keen for new players.

Whereabouts are you?

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whatsapp me perhaps?

@colonel_getafe South Manchester!

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Ohhhhh, hi! Silly people with their new usernames* (assuming I still need to return your socks)

*it’s not silly it’s fine and good, I just sometimes don’t pick up when people have new usernames

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no it’s okay, only wanted to be back low-key so my brain wouldn’t turn into mush from being so withdrawn

had totally forgotten about my socks!

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There are loads of clubs around South Manchester - Whalley Range, Stretford, Chorlton, Flixton off the top of my head, and they’ll all have various teams to accommodate different abilities.


Think they’ve got nets at St Bedes, William Hulme, and Rusholme.

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I’ll have to look into the nets situations. I can see myself being a serviceable bowler, but I’m a bit intimidated about batting - would love to spend hours with a bowling machine just getting my technique right

found a cricket shop in Ashton that I’m going to have a look at just to get a feel for bats in advance, too. probs shouldn’t buy one until further down the road, but yeah

You can hire a self-loading Bola and just bash a load of balls about. Think it’s normally about £25 for an hour, so not that cheap.

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Watched my first hundred match earlier (TV. Not live). Just shit as a concept really.

VAR has spoken

@moderators please close this thread