The Good Life


No, not the track from unarguably the best of the Weezer albums.

I… hm. This is quite hard to form up into a question but lately I’ve been picturing where I’d like to be in a couple of years’ time, insofar as a ‘good/sweet life’ goes, based on what I already have and what I think is achievable.

So I guess my question, assuming an optimistic outcome without any surprise major calamity, where do you see yourself in let’s say 5 years?



I work well individually and in groups


Pile of money/many beautiful ladies.


On top of a pile of money, with many beautiful ladies. Obviously.


Still at SI in a senior position hopefully, maybe a kid or two, also I’ll have had that growth spurt that everyone told me would happen eventually.


On dis


The Good Life is one of those sitcoms that could easily work as a tragic drama if you did away with the laugh track. Domineering Tom, convincing sweet Barbara to go along with his selfish idea of self-sufficiency, while all the while he flirts ourtrageously with neighbour Margot. Meanwhile, sad Jerry, trapped in a loveless marriage with his snobby wife, wistfully yearns for Barbara and knows he could free her from the mess she’s trapped in.



Well I can be a bit of a perfectionist.


On a pile of tournoi, with many beautiful davidoff cool water


Ever Decreasing Circles ramped up the bleakness even furthur


:slight_smile: sometimes it just takes slightly annoying xylo in a thread to bring us all back together. x


Not being in London any more.

That’s about it.


How far out?


Pretty far I’d say. Another city not in the South East of England.


I’ll take the hit and answer this reasonably seriously.

Town? I can’t see myself wanting to move. However, my eldest is going through the process of being diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorder and so we might end up moving if there’s a secondary school with decent provision (a part-time ASD unit or something like that).
House? Maybe the same one, maybe not. If we stay in the town we’re in, it would be nice to have a garden or maybe a fourth bedroom. Mrs CCB has always liked the idea of doing short-term / respite fostering but I guess that’ll depend on our capacity at the time.
Job? I’m pretty happy in the job I’m in, though if the opportunity arose for a more senior position I’d go for it.
Other? I quite like the idea of forming and running a supper club. I love cooking but I’d hate to be a chef; a supper club would be a good way of pushing myself in terms of cooking for others without having to fully change my career.


this is lovely


Think my ideal would be

  • Still in Brighton
  • With someone long term/ ideally living together
    -All work on my flat done so it is proper nice (assuming I’m still in it)
  • Self employed maybe? Would really like to work for myself but TBH I don’t know if I’ll manage that, or even what I would be doing


Living inside an active volcano :volcano:


to the same format then:

Town It’ll be London for the foreseeable. Assuming we complete on the place we’re after it’s zone 4, which is far away enough to be around trees and to have good space and a garden, but close enough to commute without losing my mind.
House Again banking on the above, i’d hope to be there 10 years or so. Just need to get the hot tub summerhouse sorted early on to make things feel right.
Job This is the big heartache. Stay somewhere cushy with slow but ultimately consistent and assured high yield, or risk stress/failure by taking on much more immediate-high-yield jobs? Bah.
Other Really can’t see myself with kids for a fair whack of time still, if at all. Mrs feels similar which is a relief. But even when I think about being an old man I can see her and I, our friends, and a boat. But not kids. Hm.


Man, this is a great take. I hope it’s your own.