The Goon Sax - We’re not talking

I know that this album got a lot of praise in September’s aotm thread, but I just wanted to post a thread so that we could all continually talk about how fucking good this album is.

It’s a really great album. Can’t listen to it without shedding a tear, if I’m being honest. .It’s beautiful.


It’s really lovely, such a good balance of retaining their ragged naïveté and charm and evolving musically. There are bits (Strange Light, We Can’t Win) which remind me loads of Dick Diver, which is a wonderful thing.

The little swoopy vocal bit in the chorus of Losing Myself is maybe my favourite tiny moment in any song this year


Thanks for the reminder to check this out… few tracks in and enjoying it

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I can’t sing along to that bit without choking up. Such an achingly beautiful song (and album).

I love this record. The way in which they have subtly but completely changed their sound by expanding the role of Riley is incredibly clever. Having the woman’s voice as an alternative centre on so many of the songs really expands their emotional range.

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there’s a definite shift from the sound of the first album.

I liked the review in Loud and Quiet where the reviewer marvelled at how we’re witnessing the evolution of the bands sound, album-by-album…I hadn’t fully appreciated what she meant until I found out just how young the band are.

This is definitely a band that can reinvent themselves at the drop of a hat. I can’t wsit to see what they do next.

The first album really sounded like early Go Betweens (which is fine with me) but they’ve gone in a different direction by foregrounding Riley. I’m assuming that as well as singing a lot she is also taking a big role in the songwriting. As you say it will be interesting to see where they go next. With three singers/songwriters you could almost see them going a kind of indie-Fleetwood Mac direction (but maybe that only exists in my head).

No, could definitely see that.

This record is a very lovely thing. Had it on for the morning commute today and it made me feel better about life. “We Can’t Win” is the most swoonsome thing I’ve heard this year.

It’s great.

I saw them play the garage in Highbury last week, they were fantastic. So at ease on stage.

Wrote this off because of the album cover… just started to listen after reading this thread. Yup some good stuff. Thanks for the tip!

Seems to be a bit of resurgence in Kiwi/Aussie bands at the moment which I’m really enjoying.

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The cover is heinous isn’t it? I would never have listened to a record with a cover like that if I didn’t already know the band.


Loads of cool Aussie and NZ bands at the mo.

Just listening to “In The Stone” and it is really good!

Aww…shame. Enjoyed their gig last week.

Real shame but I suspect we’ll hear more from Louis Forster and Riley Jones. They could both make some really interesting solo music.

Rubbish news but I hope it’s for the best as individuals. Hopefully get to see one of their last shows. Great band

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