The grass is always greener

Talk about recent things where you’ve tried something/someplace new, only to find out that you preferred how things were before - new diet, new pub, new chilli recipe …

For me it’s moving to a desk-based job, rather than being on my feet all day. Obviously there’s lots of positives too, but personally I did like the feeling of having done some consistent physical activity while at work - currently feels like I’m just wasting away for 8 hours a day.

Now u

Almost every new job I’ve had since early 2017, annoyingly

I tried doing finger picking guitar cause it always seemed impossible. I’m not sure it’s really worth it.

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This is in the wrong thread btw. Edit. No it’s not I just didn’t bother reading past the first line.

Mines the desk thing too except now when I do physical paid work it hurts my back for a few days after.

Everything, I’m never satisfied with anything ever and constantly feel like everything else is better and it causes anxiety and paranoia.

Papa Johns pizza with vegan cheese. Really well reviewed, lots of people saying it was the best takeaway pizza they’d had in years and was it? Was it fuck. Back to Garden Party No Cheese next time.

The marmite scrolls were excellent though.


Thought this was a thread about the fact Americans spray paint their dead lawns green.

Had serious FOMO about not having Netflix. had it on a free trial and realised it was shite.

Try and go for a walk at lunchtime. I used to go to the furthest away toilets rather than the ones just outside my office to get a bit more movement in. We used to do office stretching on the hour. When you’ve got an office job you’ve got to be proactive about it otherwise you can end up in a slump.

… The neighbor’s got a new car that you want to drive
And when time is running out you want to stay alive

We all live under the same sky
We all will live we all will die
There is no wrong
There is no right
The circle only has one side

Yeah I like the idea of hourly stretches, press-ups etc - but think I’d get some very funny looks. Might take the chance whenver my (small) office is empty though!