The Great Banana Poll Thread (Definitive)

I’m a bit busy so if someone could take care of the polls and shit in this thread for me, that’d be great.

There are various questions that need answering.

  • Which end do you eat it from?

  • Do you pull those stringy side thread bits down/off?

  • Could you watch @thewarn eating a banana without becoming turned on?

That sort of thing

In one bite.

  • How excited are you about straight/curvy narnas (depending on which lie you prefer to believe) making a comeback in a couple of years time?

I always pull the stringy bits off.
I normally snap the stalky bit not squeeze the black end.

I eat from the stalky bit.
I usually eat them as green as I can so stringy bits arent really a problem with green bananas.

Are Bananas evil?

  • Yes
  • No

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Question: how much money would you need to be paid to eat the spider’s egg thing at the end of one?

Been making banana bread with discount bruised ones lately. Incredibly easy and good.

edit: sorry

  • bread
  • cake
  • good

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Ideal shape for bananas [poll public=true]

  • Curved
  • Straight

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Is that from a HP Lovecraft story?

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