The Great British Bin Crisis

Apparently we’re having a bin crisis as well, cos loads of drivers are going to earn more as HGV drivers

I’ll be honest, I can’t say I had noticed but (1) we have big on-street bins here and (2) Edinburgh’s been filthy and had regularly overflowing bins for years now, thank you public sector austerity.

How are your bins doing?

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bins are really good here, it’s one of the best features of Northamptonshire

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I look forward to week 1’s recycling sorting challenge and the dustcart grill decoration showstopper…

Waitrose is reportedly offering £53,780 as a starting salary, while Gist, which supplies drivers for Tesco and M&S, is offering £56,674, plus a £5,000 bonus. Yet despite this largesse, bare shelves have become a routine sight at many supermarkets.



Now you mention it …

In other words, not great

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Hijacking this thread to explain again how Spain is better

  • Big communal bins for the whole street to use
  • No I want MY bin

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Definitely prefer having street bins but they do provide a pretty solid buffet for the dog-sized gulls we have here.

Do you have those cool ones where the bin is actually underground?


Yeah, actually the council here have just finished installing them on our street. Didn’t realise the process behind emptying them was so undignified - a crane literally lifts the entire structure off the ground and shakes around a bit to dislodge the waste into the trailer.

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Hosted by Joe Lycett


*googles how to drive a lorry*


Waste collection here is either run by the mafia or incredibly well unionised. There’s street cleaning machines working every night, rubbish is collected daily, they put fancy new bins in quite often.

It could just be that public services are supported properly, but after so long living in England, I refuse to believe it.

do refuse workers have cool outfits in Spain?

Feels like there’s gonna be these headlines and crises every day for the next 2 years until a GE is called. Then it will all get completely forgotten for 6 weeks, the tories will get returned with an increased majority and the end.


Poubelles in france (communal bins buried in the ground) are good. My friend fell in one once though trying to retrieve something he’d accidentally thrown away, usb stick I think.

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yeah, they look like mechanics.

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knew it. magnificent bastards


also, the guy hanging on to the back of the truck has to wear a helmet, so you see some cool motorbike helmet guys sometimes.


I keep thinking I should transfer my skills from Euro Truck Simulator to the real world and get dat money but then I remember I usually play it half cut on wine and smash into at least 1 thing per delivery. And I’m rubbish at parking. And I can’t press pause whenever I need a piss in reality, or go fly a spaceship in a different game whenever I get bored.


bet they all draw straws to see who gets to wear the helmet at the start of the shift

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its Spain so they would be drawing hot, fresh churros.