The Great British Bin Crisis

Is there a word like Umarell for when kids stare fascinated at the bin workers / lorries?

We’re baaaaack

not read the thread, but I’m wondering about a GPS tracker for our black bin because bin theft


hi guys

the green bin (garden/food waste) was not collected yesterday


Think COVID should go in the black bins


Black bins NOT collected yesterday. Think all the discarded trees scared them off

You could get one of those Apple Air Tags if you’re in the Apple world I guess.

Then if it’s a wheelie bin I reckon you could easily hide it up under the wheel axis on the bottom.

Seems there’s a rival called a Tile Tracker and this article compares them

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It was a bin crisis at number 26 Urbanfox Street this morning.

Poor bloke was wandering around checking everyone’s bin when I took the dog out for a walk.

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cause there’s disabled people in the house we’re allowed the big wheelie bin and everyone else is on the skinny ones, the lad who lives over the backs has nicked it 3 or 4 times now and when you mention it he just laughs and half apologises in broken english and says he wants a big bin.

bit annoying but you’ve got to respect the way he handles it


food waste bin was not taken last week

Bins in CRISIS!

Bristol did a christmas tree collection today. Guess who forgot to put their tree out for it!

Dave from Bristol






Even spread to my game, hasn’t it


I am now the kind of person who emails their local councillors about missed recycling collections. For shame.

In my defence, they last collected our recycling on November 3rd…

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green bin: missing, presumed gone
red bin: not been emptied for a month
black bin: emptied and then immediately filled halfway up with other people’s recycling
white bin: steadfast

It’s the end of days

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