The great British come down


Got back from hols a few weeks ago and just can’t make myself happy or interested in anything.

Just routine routine til next summer holiday. Same train… Same dark work environment.

Feel like sure an idiot moaning about this stuff but what to do.


Any possibility of making some more time for your interests outside of work? Spending all your time looking forward to one holiday a year is no way to live.


Set yourself some challenges throughout the year.

Whether that be completing a run, or some DIY, or making a record, I find that it really helps to have achievable and tangible targets.


With Bez and Mary Berry


Prefer taking regular short holidays rather than one big one per year for this reason, really


Arrange / book stuff so that you have things to look forward to


I shall bear this in mind if i survive the year - thanks


I have done this - still not looking forward to them - stupid.


Treat yo self.


I don’t really want anything


(maybe alcohol)


Travel the world… in books.


haha sage advice


Nah, he’s too busy doing Bargain Hunt with Jarvis Cocker