The great (crap) spirituality poll thread



Does everything happen for a reason?

  • Yes, I believe in a grand cosmic plan for everything.
  • Maybe not everything but I definitely see how lots of things could fit into a mysterious plan
  • I have an open mind about this sort of thing
  • I don’t believe this sort of thing

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Ghosts, maaaaan

  • I believe in ghosts and know that I have seen or experienced at least one supernatural event
  • I believe in ghosts and think I might have seen or experienced at least one supernatural event
  • I believe in ghosts but haven’t seen or experienced anything supernatural
  • I have no opinion on this subject
  • I don’t think I believe in ghosts but I’ve experienced things I can’t explain so maybe?
  • I don’t believe in ghosts, I’ve experienced things I can’t explain but am ok with that
  • I don’t believe in ghosts and haven’t experienced anything that can’t be explained away

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Let’s keep this friendly.



  • Yeah, man what goes around comes around.
  • The universe does not pay people back

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Ghost chat…

My uncle reckons he saw the ghost of a pirate when he went to my Grandad’s grave a few weeks ago. Seriously shit him up like.

This cemetery has only been open for about 20 years, so not sure why there’d be any pirates there.

All a load of bollocks really though, isn’t it?


I think if people could accept that you can’t always trust your own eyes/ears/brain to present you with information that is objectively true then this would all go away overnight.

I mean, it obviously wouldn’t, but it’s a nice thought.


Mediums and the like[poll public=true]

  • I believe and have used them
  • I believe but haven’t been to one
  • I’m not sure what I believe
  • I don’t believe but would go for a laugh
  • I don’t believe and don’t approve


Arguably the best card in Netrunner right now, but otherwise: get in the bin.


Can someone understand please…


Love that this is one of the few things DiS has a coherent view on.


Elaina will be here in a minute, don’t worry.


FFS, was just about to fire up the Great DiS Levellers thread.


They asked that ere famous scientist if he believed in ghosts, and he said in Astrology you are sometimes looking at the light of planets or stars long since dead, almost like there ghost. I liked that sort of natural logical rationalization.


or maybe that’s what they WANT you to think


Positive and negative energy

  • This is a real thing, harnessing it can affect your life chances
  • There’s no “energy” as such but a positive/negative outlook can definitely affect how others react to you and how you see the world

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This is a very good meditative documentary on cosmology and the human condition.


we’re missing key options

  • I genuinely worry for people who believe in ghosts, holistic medicine tarot or god(s)
  • Seriously though it’s is just a fucking scam

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I refer you to this caveat




Either there’s no point to anything beyond what we foolishly make up on the spot, or there actually is a load of magical gubbins out there that could help us all out and chooses not to.
IMO it’s a lot healthier to just focus on our own capricious cruelty instead.

And of course there’s either been no evidence to suggest the magical gubbins exists, or evidence that does exist disproves it. Uncanny, that.


We still don’t believe in karma, which to be honest we probably didn’t need a poll to tell us : )


edited to reflect worries rather than casting aspersions about IQ. if that’s still not deemed as friendly happy for a mod to nuke it off the face of DiS