The Great DIS Album Listening Party

As I’m sure a lot of people are on lock down at the moment thought I’d start something up, I’ve previously enjoyed the listening club for REM on here as well as the ‘how good are they really’ series which often inspires a couple of days listening.

So I propose an album a day, at the minute using a random album of the upper echelons of the rate your music. I’m happy for any suggestions as to where to take the albums from…

First up I thought I’d go for something reasonably DIS friendly, and nice and cheery…

Have a listen, have a chat below, and I’ll try again tomorrow with another selection.



Bumping in the basis that I like this idea

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I am taking part in as much as I am listening to Carrie & Lowell and did so yesterday. Had to put it back on because I couldn’t recall anything from yesterday.

It’s alright. I’m a bit unmoved by Sufjan in general, his work is always pleasant but most of it goes in one ear and out the other for me. Adequate background music, but I feel like I must be missing something because I remember broad critical acclaim for this album.

It’s my favorite album by him and probably my 2nd favorite album of 2015, only behind Deafheaven’s New Bermuda. Such a great, sad, beautiful album.

Best two songs:


Think this is one of the best bridges ever written.


Finally finally finally got around to this album (has been on my list of ‘albums I really should listen to’ since it came out).

Good, innit?

Not quite weird enough for my usual tastes, but more texturally interesting than reading about it had led me to expect and, as I had expected, achingly beautiful.

Will probably find its way into more regular rotation for the occasional times I’m hankering for songwriter stuff rather than my usual diet of all-encompassing-noise-soundscapes, chinstrokey electronica and big techno wig-outs.


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A really beautiful album, but imo the live version is better - transforms the record into electro-prog goodness at times, more like Age of Adz, which is of course his best stuff

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I’m a massive Sufjan fan, although this one didn’t grab me as much as his others.
If you’ve not listened to Age Of Adz, then have a listen to that one, as it’s more electronic and definitely not background music.
Illinois and Seven Swans are my other favourites, but Carrie & Lowell was mostly too one paced for me on the whole.

This is comfortably my favourite Sufjan album now.

That does sound more up my street - I’ve never valued ‘understated’…

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Subtlety: the coward’s choice

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Wonderful album. Can’t believe it’s been nearly 5 years already. There are just so many moments that make my hairs stand on end every single time I hear it (when the piano comes in on Death With Dignity; the bridge for Should Have Known Better; the way the keyboard, banjo, and vocals work together during the second half of the title track - I could go on.)

I think the only criticisms I could raise are that (a) it doesn’t really push any new ground sonically and (b) I don’t think Fourth of July is as good as everyone makes it out to be. But both are minor quibbles really compared to the beauty of the album as a whole.

At times between 2014-2017 it felt like there was one of these “weighty”, mourning albums released once every month or so. Personally think this one ended up being the best (though Blackstar runs it close)


Also shout out to Eugene, which on most albums is the kind of thing I’d consider as filler (e.g. Never Going Back on Rumours) but has a certain something that makes it absolutely gorgeous

Lyrical acrobatics on Eugene are great tbh, elevates it hugely.

Can we just do a Sufjan discography listening party? :heart_eyes:

Carrie and Lowell is wonderful, third best album he’s done behind ‘Michigan’ and ‘Illinoize’, still A range.

Beautiful record innit, remains so powerful. “There’s blood on that blade / Fuck me I’m falling apart” in No Shade… still delivers an absolute gut punch

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Thats the bit for me as well.