The great DiS films of 2020 poll - RESULTS (post 80 onwards)

Another film thread? Go on then.

12 people is enough in my book. December Film Thread (Old and New films welcome) - #293 by roastthemonaspit

How it works:

  • Send me, via DM, your top 10 (at most) films released in the UK in 2020. If you want to make a shorter list, this is fine. Your number 1 will have 10 points, number 2 will have 9 points and so on.

  • The deadline is 10pm on Sunday December 20.

  • I will then countdown the top 20 (?) between the 21 - 24 December. This countdown period could shorten, should I get bored of it.

  • Films made for TV broadcast, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Mubi etc are ALL acceptable. They just need to have been released for the first time in 2020.

  • AOB?

download *

*Cape Fear (1991) was not released in 2020.


This is a real tangent but I loved this episode and this whole scene without even watching Cape fear, and eventually watching it only made it funnier

My 2nd favourite episode (after pta disbands)


Does anyone have a link to somewhere which confirms what was released in 2020?

Wikipedia usually has good lists for this type of thing

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IMDB will give you the release date if you search for a certain film, not sure if they have a full list per year though.

Ah cheers, there used to be one website which listed by month everything released in the UK which was super good but I cant find it now

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Waves, Rocks and Dark Waters appearing on my list consecutively which is mildly pleasing


Sad to not include Palm Springs which definitely would have made the cut if it was still not inexplicably out in the UK.

Do people think of Small Axe as films or telly?

5 separate films imo


Think there’s quite a strong chance I haven’t seen any films released in 2020. Certainly didn’t go to the cinema. Not sure I streamed anything current either.

Saw the first 30 minutes of the live action Mulan this weekend but that was bobbins.

Are we going by UK release?

I only saw Parasite and The Lighthouse this year which would both be in my top 10 but I know loads of people saw them last year.

We are. So Parasite and Lighthouse count.


Also Uncut Gems whew


Need to binge a few more from this year before making The Poll, but there’s quite a lot of very good ones

Oh I saw that one. So I have seen one new film this year.

Didn’t really rate it.

Only managed to cobble together 7

My worst film watching year for a long time

If I notice someone has voted for a film not released in 2020

  • Point it out and make them vote for something else
  • Leave it, life is simply too short

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Admin wise if its easier ignore it until the final list then the old films will get booted off

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I only really ever watch new releases at the cinema because if I’m streaming a film at home then I nearly always go for a classic that I’ve never seen.

So my pool of films to choose from is pretty small this year but Uncut Gems, Parasite, Les Miserables and The Lighthouse were all bloody brilliant.

I also enjoyed David Copperfield and Jojo Rabbit a lot more than most people on these boards I think.

With everything thats gone on it’s actually still been a pretty great year for film.

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