The Great DiS Mix-Tape Exchange Thread pt II.i


For any remaining discussion of the mixtape exchange pt II from the old board.


Feedback for prob500’.

I enjoyed the two sides split contrast very much. The Tiger Lillies made me grin like a loon when I heard for the first time on earphones in the supermarket, the Silver Jews track was really nice (though the vocals threw me at first as it sounded more like Robert Fisher from Willard Grant Conspiracy than what I remembered of Dave Berman). Phosphorescent are always great to hear too.

Tindersticks are a band I’ve meant to check out properly for ages – I’ll have to buy a couple of records though, they’re too slow burning for my shortened attention span on spotify. What’s a good starting point with them?

It was cool to hear the Dirty Three song as I remember that being namechecked on your sweary comp. I’ve got their ‘She has no strings apollo’ album and it’s great, but there always strikes me as being very little variation in their output. I never get bored of their work, but similarly I can never distinguish any of the individual songs and so it makes me less inclined to investigate beyond that one admittedly enjoyable album.

Josh T Pearson was awesome. Is it worth checking out the full album? A few things I’ve read seem to mark this song out as a standout on an otherwise hook-free slog.

There was no issue with dedicating a big chunk to Matt Elliott’s song it was excellent. I have a version of that song on The Mess We Made album, but it’s only about 5 minutes – had no idea there was thing 20 minute monster version out there. Excellent.

Aiden Moffatt – great closer, I enjoyed very much.

Thanks a lot for sending. It’ll stay on my ipod and I’m sure will get a bunch of future listens.


I :heart: mixtapes

When’s the next one happening?


^ this


On me list of things to do, will unleash it shortly. Any bids for a new theme?


Thanks for the nice feedback WZ.

Tindersticks - start at the beginning and go from there. First and second albums (particularly the first) are generally considered their masterpieces (I’d agree).

Josh Pearson - Big shout but I’d put Last of the Country Gentlemen as my favourite album of the decade. Just a heartbreakingly beautifully sad album. Really hope another one happens from him.




Despite it being really warm today things are taking an autumnal term so maybe let’s jump on the hygge bandwagon and do some playlists based on being super, super comfortable


How about new beginnings to celebrate Sean’s whizzo new boards?


Cover versions!

Or has that been done?


Great, really enjoyed the druggy mixtapes from everyone!
Fair play for organising this - :beers:

Defo on for participating again.

Per @ninetyeightytwo… Cover versions sounds good but happy to go with the flow :+1:


I think one of the swaps brainfeeedr arranged in the olden days may have been cover versions but I may be wrong (and anyway, it could always be done again).

I’ll start a new thread shortly to get the next one underway if anyone wants to make a persuasive case in the mean time for a particular theme. Otherwise I’ll continue my role as benign dictator and suggest something.


Yeah I think you’re right, but there are more than enough covers to go around.
Mine will feature exclusively white, middle-class men’s earnest acoustic covers of aggressive hip-hop.


I only suggested cover versions as a theme because I believe that DiS is finally ready for pan pipe tributes to Abba and the Beatles.


Woweezoweee & funky cow. Here’s some feedback on your drugs discs.


I enjoyed that Mirko song a lot, who are they (/he/she)? (It’s not a very googleable name). A$AP Rocky didn’t sound as I expected (much better as it happens), and I hadn’t heard that Yo La Tengo remix which was real good.

I also enjoyed some nice blasts from the past. Flame is a proper banger of a song that I haven’t heard for ages. I remember buying the first couple of Butterflies of Love singles back in the day, the song you included makes me want to dig them out again. And I’m sure I’d listen to A Storm in Heaven era Verve much more if the band hadn’t turned to crap.


Lovely druggy haze over you disc, and nice packaging. Particularly liked the Fennesz song - I find him a bit hit and miss but this one was definitely a hit, will pick up the Black Sea album on basis of this song. The Mu Ziq song also did it for me. The Raveonettes/Trux double header ended things on a nice druggy dirge. Top stuff!


Great minds think alike - you both included the “we had two bags of weed…” monologue from ‘Fear and Loathing …’. One of my very favourite books, and I’d have stuck it on mine I could have found my F&L soundtrack CD.


Hey @Prob500 , sorry weird couple of weeks and I meant to get back to you
earlier. That Mirko song is a beauty isn’t it. He’s on the Room 40 label and you can download the rest of the EP here:

I read somewhere that an album was due to follow this EP, and so I keep checking back – but as you say, no joy yet unfortunately.

I think I was mildly obsessed with Butterflies of Love in about 2001 – that first album ‘How to Know…’ is a really strong record. The follow up isn’t as good, but they did make a lovely wonky pop noise regardless.

I couldn’t resist the Fear & Loathing… clip. Don’t have the soundtrack, so I ripped it from youtube like the other spoken word ones on there. Glad you enjoyed man, and make sure you download the Mirko EP :slight_smile: