The Great DiS Multiplayer Thread

i mainly play splatoon and rocket league online and you can only choose chat options from a preset menu so it doesn’t really bother me. if only the entire world was like that

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I got it!

I absolutely used to feel like this, but now don’t. Fortnite is such a silly game it’s hard to take too seriously, sometimes your squad of randoms is useless or clearly uninterested in helping each other, sometimes you work together in wonderful harmony. Just keep the chat muted and have at it.


How you finding the new season? I’m pretty much only playing weekends specifically to join in with some mates who both have new babies so our timings get a little weird.

We managed to hit level 100 last season though which was good fun.

Any games on iOS? That’s my only “console” these days?

i gave up on last season from about Christmas to last week I hardly played at all because new puppy took over our evenings.

I’m enjoying getting back into it but I’m finding the gun loadout a bit strange. I prefer sniper rifles to bows and the map feels a little bit bare at the moment. I’m sure they’ll add some things as the season goes on. Hunting and crafting doesn’t add too much for me, it seems a bit half arsed, and it’s too much effort to get the material for crafting.

Not won a game yet actually, maybe the matching has been altered but I’m finding solo a bit harder, although I’m a bit out of practice.

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Golden rule tbh.

DOTA requires a ton of team coordination though, so I have adjusted my muting preference to be no mutes to begin with, but the instant anyone gives off dickhead vibes then it’s a paddling full voice and chat mute for that person.

The other day one of my teammates started bitching at another teammate for something that had happened in their previous game, during character selection. Muted them both when it escalated. Then in the pre-game, I see a third teammate write “NO FUCK U” in the chat, so they got muted. Then the most stoned man I have ever heard blared over the voice chat “HEYYY GkrssshUYYYS LET’S JUSkrsssshT HAVE A GOOD krsssssshIME”. Muted.

Whole team earned their mutings before the game even began.

My early thoughts are that damage from primal weapons is pretty OP, I find that there aren’t a lot of proper gun fights anymore, it’s just about who gets the drop on the other and shoots first.

Definitely cba with all the crafting business, I’m assuming they’ll add in more weapons as time goes on though.

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Hi I like multiplayer games but I am quite bad at most of them and always feel like i am the weak link in any team (don’t really care though suckers, deal with it! :grin:)

I play Overwatch (pc) a lot with @anon73286315 and I am up for pretty much any shootery type game if anyone will have me. Having said that, I don’t get on well with battle royales as I’m just too shite.

I also like Rocket league (pc or switch) but haven’t played a lot of that.

played A LOT of Hearthstone over the past…7…years, but have weaned myself off that. It’s the only one i’m good at though.

Have been known to dabble in WoW but only ever got to about level 25 or whatever.

Did someone mention Worms upthread? I love worms.

Can’t really be bothered with Switch multiplayer online until they sort out the UI, so probably never.