The Great Dog Poo Debate (with poll)

  • Bag and bin
  • Bag and lob it somewhere
  • Stick n flick
  • Dont do owt
  • Other

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Love to hear your thoughts on this


if it’s in a wood or something who gives a shit (lol)

if it’s on a street then bag it and bin it

EDIT: why am i even replying to a thread about dog shit


:open_mouth: a leaver!!


Probably the solution should be this

but in the cities it should be

Although the French abandoned this in favour of massive fines, it seems.

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if it’s anywhere where a child could plausibly go, then it should be bagged and binned.


kids get ruddy everywhere don’t they!


Unless you’re in the wildest wilderness where no one else will tread, you should bag it up and bin it. People who let their dogs shit in the street and leave it are fucking scum.

  • we should DNA test dog poo and then publically shame owners
  • we shouldn’t do that

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It’s somewhat heartening to see that this mainstay of local politics is getting the recognition it deserves in the august centre of political power in this country…


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Fucking hell what’s wrong with you


As someone who works in a wood, BAG. YOUR. FUCKING. SHIT.


professional hermit right here


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