The GREAT homogenous milk conspriacy



There was a fella in here last week from the IT firm we use for boring IT stuff, he was covering the normal guy’s holidays. I don’t know where this IT firm gets its staff from but they nearly all are into conspiracy theories and other wrong ideas. I couldn’t post this last week because he was sitting behind me, I didn’t want him to see this and maybe get me later with his conspiracy mates. Anyway, he asked me if there was anywhere near work that did coffee without homogenized milk because of some conspiracy theory. Could some of our new resident theorists talk about this below please?


do you use a different firm for the exciting IT stuff


Can you get him to post on here? New forums need an injection of wacky conspiracy theorists. Oh… Wait…


we did but got rid of them because it turns out it’s all boring


are there stats in there?


It’s all fine, don’t worry about it.


but can homogenized milk burn steel girders?


you’d be better off with some kind of acid for that work.


he’s gone, he only comes here to cover the normal guy’s absence (i say normal but you know) and he’s only contracted with them until jan so I might never see him again!


“The vaccine-pushing, disease scare-mongering agency known as the CDC…”

Closes tab



Been reading a fair bit about Sandy Hook “truthers” today. Really grim, sad stuff.




Going to show this article to a friend of mine who’s a dairy farmer here. He’ll flip. Looking forward to him debunking the whole thing.


I don’t think I’ve heard of them, that’ll be the authorities trying to shut out their voice.


Pretty sure there is a genuine allowed puss level in milk.


Is this a cat joke?


pussy zit!


I’m okay with that. I eat black pudding and I’m fairly sure that just about any old bit of the cow is used in the production of that. Eyeballs, arseholes, the lot.


I believe so too.