The Great Pottery Throw Down series 4

There’s a nice write-up on new kiln girl, Rose here:

You can check out some of her art here:

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Very talented bunch this year - for me Sewing Bee just pegs it because of Joe Lycett, but you can’t help but love Keith, he’s so involved! So glad this is on!

Imagine being so passionate about pottery that it can bring you to tears, must be brilliant.

Do you think Keith cries because

  • He is overwhelmed by the beauty of the works
  • He is emotional about the journey the contestants go on when they express themselves through art
  • A bit of both
  • Other (please specify)

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He is (or at least was) the ambassador for the teaching union my wife is in. She loves him

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Yeah I mean they are a proper step up aren’t they. Wonder if it’s because they were all bubbled together, with nothing to do but make pots all day.

Wasn’t this on BBC before? Now channel 4 with that annoying extra 15 mins.


swear to god if sewing bee goes to channel 4 i will throw my tv away

moved to C4 last year.

Yeah this makes me mad.

Yeah, the only weak link seemed to be the chap who went home last night, the rest were right on it. The brutal dispatching of goblets was good fun. There was also a significant amount of editing for innuendo’s sake as well, which I hope they keep going.

Sub-thread, other “Great” programme ideas…

“The Great Jerk-Off”
12 politicians are given a chance to shape a new island nation over 12 episodes. The eventual victor will stand alone as the island’s sole ruler and despot.

Rename Love Island, The Great F…

Instagram has gifs of KBJ crying (for stories, I mean) :laughing:

Forgot about this.

WHY can’t I watch from start on all4. :slightly_frowning_face:

Mud hut on a whale - seemed like a good idea at the time


Jodie genuinely looked like she was trying not to laugh when Keith started crying at her lighthouse there

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I just love this show so much. It’s maybe everything else in the world, but it’s just the most perfect thing. Inspired choice of a Sunday night slot too, ideal Sunday TV


It’s really nice to see that while everything is shit in the world there’s some people out there having a great time really really loving pots