The Great Sock Scandal

A standard pair of socks (lets use plain black as an example) will be put on either foot – you take one and put it on, then the other, you don’t care which of the pair goes on which foot. Over time, this will result in them spending about equal time on the left and right feet. The wear is spread out.

A branded pair of socks, where the logo would be expected to be worn on the outside of the ankle, or other socks which are specifically designated for left or right feet, will (unless you’re some maverick) generally spend all of their time on the same foot.

A specific corner of these socks is ALWAYS at the big toe end. They take that big toe wear and big toe tear all the time. They never get that day off of pinkie toe relaxation.

This leads to holes in these socks exactly half the time before a hole can be expected in the plain socks.

Big Sock knows this. Fight back.


you’re a big sock


Mods please ban epimer for this wild attack

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He might simply have been suggesting that you were one of these ATDs?


this is why I always use plain socks, and live off-grid in a derelict lumber yard

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What do you want me to do about it?

I would never give a shit about where the logo went.

Not that I think I have ever owned a pair of logo socks. What sort of socks are we talking about?

Darn it!


I was going to suggest a campaign, but my time is now being taken up by getting epimer banned

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That’s something I can get fully behind.