The great train middle armrest poll (finally!)

Oooo I have a story in relation to this last night!

Was sat on a pretty quiet tube carriage, knees close together, really conscious of not manspreading but my elbow was on the arm-rest. Big young dude sits down next to me, legs akimbo taking up most of the aisle space and aggressively tries to push my arm off the rest. Normally I’d just think ‘fuck it’ and avoid confrontation, but the TV had a really shitty gig experience with entitled men last week so I figured I’d make a stand. Properly held my ground, tensed my shoulder and put my arm back where it started. Cue 4 stops of this guy literally using his whole body, like pushing with his legs, pushing off the other side to try and gain control of this arm-rest.

Utterly ridiculous. After a couple of stops of this he started telling me to move - I’m wearing big headphones, natch, so pretended not to hear and kept holding my ground. I was first to get off, so made a really exaggerated movement to step over his legs in the aisle. I feel like I won. I’m not sure what I won, but I’m sure I won something.


Obvs, I’d normally be accommodating, but that guy seemed like a dick.


I sort of love stories like this but also kind of hate them. If you get in the habit of doing this then it will drive you insane eventually.

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And perhaps the main salient point is that your diagnosis of him as a dick is clearly correct, but unfortunately short of actual murder, nothing you could have done in that situation would make him any less of one.

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I am dong this face :open_mouth: because I used to work regularly in derry while I was trying to sell the airport, and the flights to that airport were a bit hit or miss and I’d very often have to fly into Belfast and get the bus, which took hours, and I get quite carsick. I did NOT know that there was a train. Fucking hell! A TRAIN. BETWEEN DERRY AND BELFAST.

^Thinly veiled ‘used to own an airport’ post

haha, to sell it on behalf of its owners, the council. I failed btw. We just outsourced the management in the end.

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Many thanks for your adoption of the term ‘seat neighbour’.

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