The Great TV Presenter/Pundit Switcharoo!


Propose some transfers of TV presenters or pundits in this thread if you want to.

I’d like to see Peter Ebdon as pundit on the tennis from time to time.

Get Bradders in for Only Connect and it might become tolerable.

Anita Rani to present all the football, all non-Bradders quiz shows and the news.


Vicky cozza mitch is much, much better than Bradley Walsh, Anthony


Souness presenting Pointless


Lawro and townsend on the bake off. Still wouldn’t watch it because I’m not a tory but it might be fun


Hush up, dickhead


Chris Kamara as one of the interviewers in the penultimate episode of the apprentice


With Butch Harmon taking the place of that guy on the laptop


Would be good if instead of the dragons on Dragon’s Den it was Ant, Dec, Schofe, Holly and Fearne


Crimewatch with Stephen Mulhern


ant and dec chair question time


Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares USA with Christine Bleakley


Gregg Wallace to do the formula one, twats deserve each other


Rachel Riley to The Chase


As a Chaser?


Garth Crooks presenting Britain’s Got Talent






John Humphrys as part of the ‘uk commentary team’ at wrestlemania


Booker T on co-commentary for Wimbledon


Gabriele Marcotti doing eurovision