The Great TV Presenter/Pundit Switcharoo!

she’s probably the worst presenter I’ve ever seen on TV for anything.

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You should watch more tv

Dick and dom in da bungalow but it’s dom littlewood and Richard whiteley’s corpse

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Jim Rosenthal presenting eurotrash

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what if some of it is even worse than Only Connect though? :frowning:

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The guy who commentates for robot wars doing live football :laughing:


One of those ones with Bear Grills but it’s Matthew Wright from The Wright Stuff

This thread is really bad isn’t it. Complete waste of time.

some amusing scenarios have been made

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Yeah but imagine if the miz presented match of the day

at least I found out someone else has the right opinion about Only Connect though!

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I’d like to see Dick and Dom do University Challenge

david dickinson’s deadliest men

No, you’re right. It’s very good stuff.

Smuggest show going innit mate. Can’t stand it.

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tyldsley and townsend do eurovision

last time I saw OC, aside from ol’Coren Mitchell’s god awful jokes at the start, she made everyone sing to Rick Astley or something. it was one of the worst things ive ever seen


The sky at night with Danny dyer

some of the show is tolerable but the intro/outro parts are full partridge

location location location with saint and greavsie