The great virgin media outage of 2020

Already started talking to my cups

Is Branson threatening us if we don’t stop being mean to him


Holding millions of workers hostage

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You’re still online though

I’m back on now hi

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Wondered why my 4G weren’t working. The TV and broadband is still going at least.

The great o2 outtage of 2020 hasn’t happened yet

“Be nice to me! I’ll let you look at my island if you do.”

Its over! Again… see you all in 30mins?

I thought it was just us. I restarted the modem and everything!

Nah its the whole country. It happened a few times the last hour or two (im lazy and check this first because the modem is ALL THE WAY DOWNSTAIRSS AND I DONT REMEMBER THE PASSWORD TO RESET IT REMOTELY)

Oh. I restarted my router and it was fine.

Oh is that what happened

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I’ll be honest with you all, if I get a disconnection like that I go and do something (ANYTHING) that doesn’t involve touching the router or my pc settings because a.) I’ll fuck it up b.) even if I don’t I’ll convince myself I have and I sit there looking at a blinking light for 10 minutes. Worst hobby there is.

Yeah, we had an outage as I was midway through a WiFi call to BA trying to get a refund for my flights :angry:

Ours has been down twice in the last hour. Seems OK now though.

Had some probs with BT the past few days as well. Are the networks just struggling because everyone’s at home using it at the same times? Is that a thing?

Hey o/

Just happened again. Do I need to restart my router everytime?

I mean if u do you got some serious explaining to do