The Great

Anyone here watched The Great?

Only reference I can find to it is here, thought it’d be more popular here.

It’s loosely based on Catherine The Great, and bills itself as a comedy, but I wouldn’t exactly describe it that way. Everyone inexplicably has British accents for some reason, but you get used to it. Wasn’t convinced after the first two episodes, but as it progresses started to realise that there’s real depth to the characters and it’s actually really well written. Enjoying it a lot.

Currently got two episodes left to watch in the first season, will definitely end up watching both seasons.

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Yeah fucking amazing.

I’ve definitely talked about it on here.


Oh yeah? Maybe it’s just that “The Great” is a fucking hard name to search for.

It absolutely is. Even finding it on Google was tough when the first season came out. I think I probably replied to the post you linked to but can’t tell on mobile obviously.

We’ve got about 3 eps left of S2. My wife is not quite as into it do we’ve not finished it off yet. It is quite hard to binge I think due to how fast and ‘brash’ it is.

I’ve not seen The Favourite but apparently that’s very similar.


Cannot remember the last time I felt so tense as the last episode of the first season, was absolutely incredible!

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Really enjoyed S1 yeah

Wonder when S2 is airing here, pretty sure S1 was last January

Very similar vibes yeah, made a lot of sense when I found out the creator of The Great was one of The Favourite’s writers


Bloody love this show. Excellent casting, excellent everything.


Saw a trailer at the weekend and thought it looked really good but my partner was sceptical so now I have to wait until she’s out or watch it on the bog or something.

One of the best shows in years. Everyone seems to be having so much fun and Nicolas Holt is having the time of this life.

I think it’s almost like Blackadder in places.


Finished season 2 last night and thought…

it’s significantly worse than season one. I was very disappointed. I loved season one, and the last episode was one of the most enthralling hours of TV I can remember seeing. Then season two they were left with the fact that they couldn’t kill off Nicolas Holt, but at the same time, his whole situation didn’t make so much sense. His character development is far beyond “he’s changed” to “he’s basically a different person” by the end of the season. They put so much emphasis on making them both flawed individuals seemingly for the sole purpose of making them fall in love be a realistic inevitability.

I really enjoyed all the political intrigue of the first season, and while Catherine was plainly naive, there was a real focused passion in her to want to become bigger than herself and realise that she wasn’t just going to be a “lovely wife”, but was going to be an inspirational leader. Now they’ve got her going through a trad romance and it all feels a bit disappointing.

A lot of the characters feel a lot less interesting and easily changeable in the second season, it’s making me wonder if I imagined a lot of what was good about the first season now, as I thought the writing was incredible, and the duplicity of the different characters was really masterfully written. Is it just me who was disappointed, or do others think it was another success, huzzah!

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What’s season 2 streaming on?

The Great season 2 release date

The new season of The Great will premiere on STARZPLAY via Amazon Prime Video on Sunday 5th December in the UK.

does this mean it won’t be on Channel 4/All 4? what the fuck is STARZPLAY?

I’d completely missed the season 2 release! Happy days!

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Yeah I sort if agree with you about Season 2.

I don’t think it’s considerably poorer but it lacks an edge. What still works are the one liners and general funny dialogue, but it is maddening the way Peter is changed and she falls for him.

It’s been renewed so I guess we might find it improves again and finds purpose.


Has anyone rewatched About A Boy since seeing this? Must be weird sering him as the kid.

It had its moments but absolutely a step down from season 1, for sure. Imagine if they’d either just left it at that or had his actual abdication in the final episode of s1 and then THE END.


I’ve been wanting to watch this for ages.

OK I’m watching this

it’s good


I think you’ll find it’s Great.

sorry :smiley: