The greatest Diss Tracks

Exhibit A : John Lennon - How do you sleep?

Poor Paul!

Some pretty funny lines though

“Those freaks was right when they said you was dead” :joy:

“The only thing you done was yesterday
And since you’re gone you’re just another day”

“The sound you make is muzak to my ears
You must have learned something in all those years”

Lennon really was a nasty prick, great song though.

What are yours? (No teenagers from YouTube please)

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yer fannies fucking mingin

is it true you got bummed on a field

GOAT, let’s not fuck about


Wouldn’t like to be 5ive or Westlife after this!!

Lots of theories as to who it’s about, but it’s a classic regardless.


The original line was:

''The only thing you done was Yesterday
(audio scream)
‘‘But you probably stole that bitch anyway’’

Didn’t use it in the end as he was worried he’d be sued for libel.

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Still this one


Tupac - hit em up

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This is a good tidbit from wikipedia: " The song suggests that Bob Guccione, Jr.'s father (founder of Penthouse magazine) “gets more pussy” than Guccione Jr. The younger Guccione responded in a letter to Rose, saying he accepted the challenge to a fight and could use the promotion to help sell magazines.[2][6][7] Rose later backed down from the fight, reportedly after learning that Guccione Jr. had nine years of fight training"

We’ve always known him as a bit of a dancer
And we all know him as a pillock

Hey! Marc Riley!

One day Marc Riley went for a ride
Had his best stratocaster by his side
And he saw me coming over the hill
I’d better run, that boy’s on pills

And the reply

Don’t buy the evil rock press anymore Please may I look at yours? Don’t buy the evil rock press anymore Please may I look at yours? 'Cause I’m a Jumper Clown, Jumper Clown, Jumper Clown,
Jumper Clown Jumper Clown, Jumper Clown
Dare to dance on an Aussie floor
Bloody nose, bloody bore