The greatest math rock album of all time

What is it in your opinion?

variations on swing by meet me in st louis. anyone who says its not hasnt listened to it

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Do 65days count? It’s the Fall of Math if so.


Don Cab 2


Let’s define math rock. Is it post hardcore with an awareness of time signatures?

I asked my friend this exact question the other day. He was wearing a t-shirt from ArcTangent that said “Post Rock - 1, Math Rock - 0”. He said that it’s basically heavy music with fiddly guitars.

Piglet Lava Lava Land

All this recent math rock chat reminded me of this

Back in the days Foals were “math rock” ha ha. At least in proves Foals have ALWAYS taken really annoying earnest giggle-inducing photos

Some other controversial picks here too…

I found an old NME that described Sum 41 as math rock. “What a farce,” I thought. But it was probably a joke.

my initial thought was American Football I, but its such a massive genre that theres so many others you could go with

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I reckon American Football’s debut deserves a mention, simply because people care about that album so much that the video for Never Meant came out like 15 years after the single was released


The greatest math rock album of all time official poll

  • Don Caballero 2
  • What Burns Never Returns
  • American Don

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personally it’s this

although bats come close. I’d go for Slint winning a wide popular vote and American Don winning a smaller one.


I actually listen to the compilation LP more these days and think it may have the better songs on it overall…

however that is one hell of a fucking album and i wouldn’t argue with you :grinning:

Piglet’s more of a personal choice for me, if I was trying to guess what the consensus was it’d probably be American Football.

apparently yer man plays a Travis Bean guitar because one of the guys from Redneck Manifesto does

as of right now for me its Tera Melos self titled

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We Are The Romans by Botch or Calculating Infinity by DEP

not sure really what my favourite is (American Don is up there) but i’m gonna throw this into the mix




actually maybe Mirrored or Gloss Drop tbh tbh