The greatest math rock album of all time

Great review on Amazon of AF “some call it emo, some call it shoegazer… it’s basically very emo influenced mellow 90% non distortion rock music.”

Cinemechanica’s “The Martial Arts” gets my vote:

They also released a belter of an album last year:

Grow by Chon is very goodd I think. As is Hurrah by Youthmovies.

I don’t profess to be an expert on the Genre though, just my two pence.


i second that youthmovie soundtrack strategies record, absolutely peng. maybe one of the early cats and cats and cats records, too


I love Grow, forgot about that one

Another vote for davidoff cool youthmovies

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I think hotclubdeparis wore their influences on their sleeves but a refreshing change … underrated first album.

I’m a fan, although I regard their 1st album still as their best.

Personal favourite is Critical Meat by You Slut

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i asked my calculator and it said 8525 which im assuming means the b52s

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i’m sorry

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I’m a big fan of Highly Refined Pirates by Minus The Bear.

If that counts as math rock etc.

Right, putting this on now. Gutted I missed their last few shows, incredible band.

went to one of the final Dublin gigs, it was superb.

shame All Tvvins are so anaemic, they sound relatively promising in the beginning.

I wasn’t massively sold on All Tvvins to begin with - Darkest Ocean, Unbelievable are both bangers though. Haven’t got round to getting the album, is it a bit flat? Anyone know what Vinny is doing? Speed of Snakes seems pretty inactive when I last checked, which is odd considering how epic the video to Backbone of Light was.

saw a couple of their early gigs and some of the live-in-studio videos they posted on youtube were fairly decent (just sounded like a slightly-less-good Cast Of Cheers) but yeah the album’s very overproduced and sounds like a deliberate reach for success.

Vinny’s making music for computer games now, interview about it here (page 6):

Ah cool, I’ll check out the Vinny article - thanks!

Yep, got my tickets for Manchester this morning (pre-sale, think they go on general sale on Friday)

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Probably Gone Glimmering by Chavez or something…

Are the Ozric Tentacles math rock? Prob more electronic, fusion, psy dub. Always confused by the math rock moniker.