The Greatest Sweet Ever Has Returned


Picked myself up a pack* in Morrisons today!

*three packs


pumps arms up and down and starts singing the chewits song


It’s genuinely made my weekend


Wrong flavour


Bam this is not a time for trolling!


Pease tell me you got at least one packet of strawberry?


oooh i wondered if these had disappeared. always amazed how much they actually taste of wafer


Didn’t know they’d gone anywhere


Citrus polos are back!??


Straw-ordinary more like! Ice Cream Chewits were the absolute daddy and they’ve been away for years mate


Sometimes I wonder about you lot


You mean the ones that tasted like the smell of a public urinal?


Yeah that’s the one!!


:smiley: x


Have the adverts returned?


Sorta scared to eat them in case theyre not as good as i remember


wrong advert, LEARN CHEWITS


Don’t think I’ve ever had one but I’m intrigued and will pick up a packet when I see one


Bet you were one of the people who loved these too -


I love all sweets ever, except disgusting flavoured stuff like ice cream chewitts and liquorice obv