The Greek Alphabet sucks

Why do people keep going on about it? The English alphabet is loads better, and the Spanish alphabet is even better than that with the cute squiggly n. I don’t get it.

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To me, it’s all Greek


What a thread

Beta the devil you know I guess.


If you think about it, we shouldn’t call anything other than the Greek alphabet an “alphabet”.

Ours should be called the “aybe” or something.

What you gamma do about it @jordan_229?

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^thinly veiled “I know why it’s called an alphabet” post

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Tell you something though, you can tell how much the internet is made by countries where people don’t give a shit about anything other than the standard character set.

My partner has a letter in her name which has an inflexion, but on any documentation or anything online, no matter how formal, always puts the version without the inflexion because of the number of times she’s faced real problems because the system has turned the letter into a pile of unintelligible mess.

Easier for her just to not use her actual name and just anglicise it.


φ υ κ
θ ι σ

My favourite written script is 한글. Look at those cute little blocks of syllables!


Spent far too long thinking “that’s not how you translate you into the greek alphabet”

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It’s fine but imo spelling is too difficult. They should merge η and ι and reserve υ for ου, and merge ο and ω. And there’s no need for ς, get rid of it. Get rid of αι, ει and οι.

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There’s a famous character in Chinese that requires 42 strokes to write (more in traditional Chinese). It’s also the name of a type of noodle from Shaanxi.

The complexity of the character and the problem it creates for Unicode is so notable that it’s extensively covered in the wiki page for the noodles.



I’ve learned one thing in the last few days and that’s that a lot of people have a lot of problems both spelling and pronouncing omicron.

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  • Omicron
  • Omnicron
  • Other(cron)

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Radio 4 newsreader called it omnicron three times in one bulletin yesterday, but he’d been told by the next one.

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I had a bit of a ‘slow to realise’ moment earlier over omicron/omega being literally small o and big o. (I probably did know/realise at some point but had forgotten)

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I’m not clever or inquisitive enough to have ever worked that out.


Love how the wiki page skims over the noodles themselves and almost exclusively discusses the character

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I worked it out when reading your reply