The green-ness of these bananas


Not sure you should eat that many bananas m9 tbh tbf…

What are you planning to tape them to? That sweet?

I spy with my little eye: some pears

Yellow pears!

made from 100% pear

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Don’t know whether it’s the increased general temperature of my new place or bananas degrading more quickly but I’ve noticed by Friday my banana for lunch is beyond my preferences and is starting to go really brown and spotty. This never used to be the case

Straight in the bin.

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I’m going to do a countdown on these bananas for you

They’ve only just been delivered

I stand by my original Simpsons gif

Thanks, I’m eagerly awaiting the results. I’d have said those green bananas would last til Sunday, but with recent results they’d be browning by Friday at mine

Green and purchased on monday

Usually i do end up having to take a bunch of them home with me on a Friday and end up making banana bread

Goes well with Roses

Maybe I should increase the amount I buy to have leftovers and do the same. Can you make banana bread with one banana

My bananas must have a touch of green about them

i’d definitely try to eat this one