The Grievances of Airing Thread


A thread to talk about the terrible air pollution in the UK.

I’m tempted to get a cycling mask and perhaps take a slightly longer and less polluted route. I can feel it in the back of my throat today.

Can you feel the effects of the shite air?


Seemed alright from the drivers’ seat of my diesel car this morning…


Fun fact: the pollution levels inside your car are likely to be higher than the air outside it.


I ran home last night and could taste it until I got beyond the A12


Was full sure this was going to be a thread about Minkys and that @JDonBalonz had started it.


It’s alright, I was cruising along the motorway with the air con on rather than tailgating a smoking old peasant wagon through a city centre.


Pollution here is gross, definitely affects me.

I’m choosing to complain about the desk invader beside me though, he had his mug of coffee on my half on my desk this morning. You know where he should keep it? Up his hole, that’s where.


*that’s his arsehole


London eh!


Yep – every day when I get to work. I end up coughing loads when I get to the office. Great stuff.

Apparently those mask things are bullshit.

Luckily it looks like you have to cycle for NINE HOURS in the pollution for it to have any detrimental effect:


That’s a VERY good graphic.


isn’t it (thanks for linking me to it the other day :+1:)


That is reassuring. Breathing in the air still doesn’t feel great, even if it is offset by exercise. Saying that, I will often smoke, so I don’t really have a lung to breathe on.


Bit of an open goal really. This was the first air that came to mind though.


Would like to point out that the fine particulate matter that graph shows is largely produced by gasoline engines, not diesel. Which is Quite Interesting.


From the same study:

While the researchers looked at the levels of particulates – PM2.5 – in the air and not NO2, which has also been established as harming health, “we did lots of sensitivity analyses and the message would have been the same”, said De Nazelle.

So, dunno?


remember when people on here used to insist that cities were the best place to live


Thought this was going to be about drying clothes - weirdly disappointed