The Guardian's 50 best comedians of the 21st Century

Stephen K Amos doesn’t quite make it :9

Tim Key should be higher. It’s funny (and good) that Sheeps have made it above lots of big names. Lots of people listed are not comedians, they’re comedic actors.

Fuck Louis CK being in this list.


If Romesh Ranganathan is the sixteenth best (or whatever) IN THE WORLD then I am at least 8th.

The guy hasn’t had an original idea in his life.

Yeah especially given they basically say in the list that he’s a cunt.

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Cracking choice for top two! :+1:

Stewart Lee used to be the “41st best stand up” ever, now he’s only 41st best of the 21st Century.

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I assumed that was a joke.

I tried to say it in the kind of way Stew would say it. But I failed to.

Did the Guardian sabotage their own list just to make a joke for comedy geeks? A list as important as this?

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Would be the best part of any of their lists so far tbf

Damn, again my sarcasm just isn’t coming through.

ah ffs. Before all this stuff came out he would have been in my top 10, but fuck having him anywhere near it now.

This is the weird thing about this list - hard to compare standups with comedic actors. I mean it’s all nonsense anyway but…

Don’t understand how Chris Morris isn’t on there.

Actually thought Brass Eye was 2000 for some reason. Maybe he’s too 20th C.


Painfully cool list.
A bit shit.

just wanted to check stewart lee wasn’t #1

don’t really care about the others

make it stop


Never heard of 10 and 7. Very box ticking list all round really

Why the fuck do these lists have the photos above the entry they’re referencing instead of below, it’s ruining my life


probably because it’s comedy or something