The Guardian's 50 best comedians of the 21st Century

Lmao at number 1

See, they are the best!

Basically a list of really annoying people

Yeah PJDN is very good

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Doug Stanhope


Hope Stewart Lee writes about only being 41, behind both Russell Brand and Ricky Gervais

Fuck K Amos being in this list too, for the same reasons though he seems to have kept it under wraps far better

Edit…ha, he’s not! Phew


Is the Guardian actually Q magazine now?

I think this list may have made me the angriest of all of the lists.

that is a huge omission.

Surprised they passed over Maron, who essentially invented the comedy podcast, and is killing it on GLOW.
It was perhaps too much to ask for them to have included Scott Aukerman or Lauren Lapkus, but a boy can always dream…

Nish fucking Kumar

All lists are bullshit etc etc

But the right answer is Daniel Kitson.

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Everyone in the list can kiss Key and Peele’s arse.

Feels just crazy to do a list like this, comedy is so individual. To include Louis CK is just an extra level of awful.

I like how Peter Kay must’ve become too divisive and controversial to appear in this list. Guardian.

He’s been rendered obsolete by those memes Brexiters share on FB about how they used to ride their bikes into quarries and have siphoned petrol for tea I think.

You’d be expected to LYAO at the best comedian though?

Peter Kay has only done Car Share in the 21st Century, hasn’t he? Everything else recycled from his 20th Century show.

What the fuck is Noel Fielding doing in a list of comedians, let alone a list of good comedians?

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