The Guardian's top all time best no1 singles of all time top 100

The Guardian is doing some kind of list of the best UK number 1 singles of all time.

They’re getting towards the top 10, so let’s make some exciting predictions about what’s going to be in there.

They’re clearly going to have some The Beatles in there, maybe Eleanor Rigby? Beach Boys too, probably Good Vibrations. Fairly sure they’ll have either Ghost Town or Wuthering Heights at number 1.

They’ll chuck a curveball in there cos they’re dead wacky, I’m hoping for Cumberland Gap by Lonnie Donegan because it is an absolute fucking racket. Maybe some Cliff Richard as well, the jokers.

Anyone else want to play this game?


CRJ on the cover pic! They know how to put a smile on DiSers’ faces.

All 10 are going to be by white men from the 60s to placate the angry boomers who mysteriously always seem to congregate in Guardian pop threads :frowning:

I reckon they’ll have some Girls Aloud in there as well though…

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TBF I like loads of music by white men from the 60s. Maybe just not music by white men who wish it was still 1960, like Morrissey.

No Beatles yet! Will definitely be in there, though I think they might pick one of the earlier smashes like She Loves You for the poptimist pound, plus Good Vibrations has got to be in there.

Think there’ll be at least one from Motown - we’ve had Reach Out (I’ll Be There) and Diana Ross/the Supremes’ best didn’t really hit the top in the UK so I’ll go for The Tears of a Clown. Thought I Feel Love was a shoo-in but it’s already been mentioned on the entry for Heart of Glass which doesn’t augur well. This “readers’ top 100” (from another site where I post regularly as, er, “Patrick Mexico, The Inanimate Carbon God”) only goes up to 2003 but is pretty accurate as a, er, populist poll, I think:

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Hope so, do it for David Edwards!

One of only two DiSers, past or present, I’ve met IRL. Oh, automatik prank called me years ago, but during this call I asked him if he wanted to watch Kasabian with me in Cardiff, and that’s no way to treat the Millennium Stadium’s impressive roof.

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White Town - Your Woman.
Specials - Ghost Town
Pink Floyd - Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2).
Dexy’s - Geno.
The Clash - Should I Stay… (which shouldn’t really count as re-release, blah, blah).

Just some suggestions rather than my favourites

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White Town is a good call, reckon that will be there.

The problem they have with Girls Aloud is that their best singles didn’t get to number one, and of their four number ones, two were actively shit - the only one they can reasonably pick is Sound of the Underground.

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Thought I Feel Love was a shoo-in

I Feel Love will definitely be in there, could win it. They’ve had no Abba yet, plus they’re going to want to include Don’t You Want Me by the Human League and West End Girls by the Pet Shop Boys. And Firestarter. And Bonkers by Dizzee Rascal.

I think they’ll have some more recent stuff in there to try to prove they’re down with the kids, not sure what… maybe Stormzy.

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Mr. Blobby

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10cc Dreadlock Holiday
KLF - Justified and Ancient

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When do they reveal the Top 15?

It’s got to be Ghost Town surely for top spot.

KLF J&A didn’t get to number 1.

FGTH - Relax.


They’re doing one a day for the next couple of weeks

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Ok cool, thanks, will keep an eye on it.

Genuinely shocked!

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They have an exciting one song per artist rule as well, and they already had 3am Eternal (probably because J&A only got to no2)