The Handmaid's Tale S4

Trailer now up

28th April apparently but I’m not sure about when it’ll appear in the UK. Usually seems to run pretty close to the US over here on SBS.

Lots going on there.

A bit of a love/hate show for me. They manage to drag out the stories a lot but at the same time they can really pull of some great episodes. I felt like the last series pulled away more from lingering on the actual violence against women but a lot of this looks like it will be tough.


Watched the first season of this and gave up. It was just unrelentingly bleak. Well made show and I’ve heard the books are good but I need a tad more light and shade.

Season 1 is basically just the book so yeah it will be bleak.

The first 3 were dropped at once so the Aus broadcaster followed suit.

Very little really happened in those three episodes overall but some interesting moments. Anyway so far, so Handmaid’s Tale. Nothing surprising or new on the table.

I thought seasons 2 and 3 expanded out from the book/season 1 really well but the end of S03 did seem like a good natural end point which they then manufactured a continuation from. Having said that I think there are lots of potential aspects they could expand on i.e. refugee integration in Canada so maybe it will have legs.

I’ve only just caught up with season 3 recently.

My main gripe with it at this point is June is completely untouchable. She’s pretty much in open revolt against Gilead all the time and is allowed roam freely, whereas other minor characters are executed for minor transgressions. I get that it’s just plot armour coz she’s the main character but it’s just stretching the credibility of the world the longer it goes on.

Finding the occasional nostalgia for “America” reeeeally cringy as well, almost as if they’re missing the entire point of the source text

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