The Handmaid's Tale S4

do you think travelling inside a big milk carton on a train is a metaphor or just a thing that happened

I don’t think this season is as strong as previous seasons (so far).

Yeah. I think S2 started as slowly as this but it had 13 episodes. We’ve only got 10 so there are 4 left and I feel like there was a lot in the trailer that hasn’t been touched on yet. Each season has ended on a ‘high’ of sorts but I’m not really clear what that could be in this context now. Maybe we’ve reached that really frustrating stage where they’ve been greenlit for S5 (even if it’s not official) and wrote this one to try to lead into another season :roll_eyes:

There was a lot of silly in Ep 4 for sure but I think I warmed to it more because at least they were doing something different and I assumed Ep 5 would make up for it. Clearly not! However, aside from the milk tanker (which I don’t think was a metaphor @heihachimishima but I hadn’t considered it) it had the stuff with Rita and the bit at the end where we meet the insurgents and the like so it had actual things happening.

The milk tanker though!!!

I mean first, do they really put portholes in these things? Why? I guess maybe they do have the ability to drain them from the inside even though I can’t really think why they would but even so, why on earth would June ever even know that? Why not just hide out on the flatbed with the big vehicles? Surely way easier than climbing in a motherfucking milk tanker.

As far as Episode 6 goes: Just very very very slow. So many looooooong drawn out shots that are held for ages. And the whole bit where they consider just handing her over and then at the last fucking minute with like 10-30 mins to spare they just say, “Yeah let’s knock up a fake ID”. I mean if you could do that in 10 mins then surely it would be high on the list of possible solutions at the start. It’s like, “hey let’s do the trolley problem except there’s actually a brake on the trolley, it’s just a bit inconvenient to reach it and the driver is lazy”.


no yeah i agree it actually happened in the show, i didnt mean it was a dream or owt, its just such a baffling decision for the characters and the show to make if theres not some metaphorical thing going on also to excuse it.

was almost in pain in how much i was thinking this.

i had a think and theyre draining away the last of the milk (motherhood) and being rebirthed from the train (dark container full of liquid, they pop out of a hole :eyes:) as something new, was hoping they were gonna be rebirthed as cool soldier barbecuing nighthawks but unfortunately no.

still cant get over how weird it was that they jumped in a tanker of milk tho, even if thats a passable metaphorical reading, it was just properly fucking daft imo.

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On a positive note I do think the last two episodes - episodes 7 and 8 - have been good. Not perfect and part of that felt like they were rushing it, which obviously sticks in my craw most given the lack of pace in some of the earlier ones.

Even though it’s supposedly coming out Thursdays in the US (going by the internet) it generally drops on Wednesday for us.

Watched the finale last night and it was good. Amused to see Entertainment Weekly and Vulture put in lukewarm S4 reviews that matched my own feeling: good ending but fucking hell, what a slog to get there…except they were two of the sites that kept posting weekly roundups that were hugely positive as each episode dropped. Ah well…

Just watched episode 6 and I think I’m going to drop it there. Nothing makes any sense and I’m not invested in anything anymore.

I mean absolutely fair enough and I’m not sure we’d have finished it if we had other stuff to watch but in all honesty I think given you’ve sat through it at its very worst you probably do deserve it at its best and while I think ep 7 was a bit hmmm 8, 9 and 10 certainly pack a lot in etc.

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Agree with this. The last few episodes are much better and I enjoyed episode 10 quite a bit.

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Finished this earlier and overall I thought this season was great, bar episode 4 which as I mentioned up thread just felt like a total filler episode.

I think there’s still quite a lot of scope for them to develop stuff now June is in Canada and I wasn’t surprised to read they’ve already renewed it for another season.