The Handmaid's Tale



That soundtrack! Is fucking awful and completely kills the mood. The end of episode songs especially. I don’t get what they were hoping to achieve by pumping out Simple Minds. Cheapens it.

Other than that, I am quite enjoying it, even though i’m not a fan of the book.


From what little I’ve experienced, I’m not a huge fan of Margaret Atwood’s style, but I was really impressed by the first two episodes of this. Shall I read the book then, you reckon? I have a bit of a pile building up over here is the thing.

Elisabeth Moss is great, isn’t she?


Can’t watch on TV so will leave it for now.


episode 3 is really uncomfortable viewing.

it’s really well done so far.


i really like this, yes elisabeth moss is great.


I’ve read a few of Atwood’s books, and have pretty mixed feelings about most of her work. But this is a really good read, I think.


Echoing the above perspectives: watched episode 1 last night and really enjoyed it.

Think they overuse the miltarised background rumblings of walkie talkies, but can hardly blame them given the political climate that they are attempting to convey. Nice cameo from Attwood too.


The Handmaiden is fucking brilliant, watch asap :slight_smile:


watched the first of these last night, not really a fan of what they’ve done with it stylistically but seems nicely produced and will try and get through it. ten episodes seems a lot for how much story there is though.


Same and my TV was like “ahahahaha no you dick that is a totally different film about a different thing you DICK” and now I’ve learnt my lesson


I have since watched/been watching and very much enjoying both though

Handmaiden, particularly, was incredible



Now can you guys hurry up and show Fargo season 3 as well


Only found out Moss is a massive Scientologist the other day. Spoilt a lot of things


Awwwww man.


Also I’m not enjoying this. Maybe it’ll improve but well I’m not a fan.


Kinda jumped the shark about 3/4 through episode 6 IMO. I was absolutely loving it but the knowledge that this is a ten episode​ season with a second already in the works is a bit disheartening?


wouldn’t say it jumped the shark, but I’m not sure it can really expand its story without completely losing the point of the book. Might work as its own generic dystopia series, but still…

first 3 or 4 episodes were the best by far. It’s still good, but see above.


Was liking this a lot until the sixth episode at the point where she got to tell the Mexican woman about her plight. Well acted but it to me it was too much, isn’t remotely in the original book.

Ep7 was a complete diversion from the original book too so at this point I’m over it and can enjoy the series again.


Kind of where I’m at.

I have mixed feelings though. On one hand, taken on its own and part of an on going series, I think the deviations largely work to help expand the story’s universe. On the other hand, I also feel like the deviations muddy the point of the book and the series may just become a generic Post-Apocalyptic(ish) story without any real center.

I’ve always felt that there wasn’t quite enough material to merit an on going series and now feel like it would’ve made a much stronger impact as a limited series.