The Handmaid's Tale

also think serena is handled mega clumsily by the writers.

Amen, said the pretty much exact same thing about the millionth lingering close up while watching the last episode

Worst use of slo mo since Braveheart

What a fool I was

Do you think the sequel Atwood is releasing is because of the decision for the TV series to divert/extend from the story, or it’s something she would have done eventually anyway?

Even ancient Canadian spriggans have bills to pay.

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I’d imagine that working on the TV has made her think again about the book but equally the modern politics made it seem more apt. I don’t imagine what we’re seeing in the show will affect how her sequel is written, though.

(I don’t think Season 1 really diverts from the original story particularly except in having Serena and Fred be June’s contemporaries, does it?)

I feel like a lot less is happening per episode this season. When the showrunner said he could make 10 seasons I didn’t realise it was by slowing down the action.

Last season spent 3 episodes essentially resetting the story so I’m thankful this season hasn’t done that but it feels like in trying be less brutal on screen it hasn’t filled all of those moments with ‘stuff’. Mostly we seem to be treading water with each episode feeling more like a weird piece of worldbuilding or a side-quest instead of advancing a narrative for June.

this season has to be one of the most spectacular shit the bed events to occur in television ever.

so aunt lydia is like this because a bloke turned her down??!! what?!

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Mate, did you just spoiler TONIGHT’s episode (no 8)? A bit of warning if so. It’s not even shown in the UK until 3 weeks on Sunday, AFAIK.

(It’s just as possible I sort of zoned that out of last week’s which was dragging so much for me.)

I spoilered it because its a spoiler?!

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Yeah but it’s a general thread so you should mark which episode you’re spoilering. That episode won’t be out for another 3 weeks in the UK where most of the readers here are. It’s only airing today in Australia. I didn’t even think it was technically out yet, hence I clicked it assuming you were catching up on last week’s.

Season 3 is just total and utter dogshit after an amazing start

I dunno I’d say it’s shit. It’s more just beige, which is worse if anything.

I can see how they think they can get 10 seasons out of it if this is the pace they’ll go. Money eh?

I don’t think ep 8 is implying that is it?

She was pretty clearly an awful judgemental shit from the get go. It’s more galling they’re trying to give her some sympathy with this when clearly everything she does is tinged with nasty in the flashbacks.

As ever, the flashbacks are the weakest part of this show as they are in almost every example of their use in fiction outside the original Watchmen comic or Damages.

turned the episode off when she went to that bar. couldn’t hack it, think I’ve finished now.

i would absolutely say it’s shit. SPOILERS BELOW RE: EPISODE 8

none of june’s decisions are any way logical to achieve anything she wants. she’s gone from being incredibly smart to staggeringly dumb out of nowhere.

she should be dead by now. literally no one else can act the way she can in the entire of gilead. they’ve tried to blag that in E08 but her current situation is very new. she should have been dead fucking ages ago.

she’s responsible, directly, for the death of a martha. and took pleasure in the breaking of the person who dobbed her in too. that’s not who we’ve been following for two seasons prior.

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Getting annoying now. They should worry less about cool shots were the composition is perfectly symmetrical and it looks like a statues wings are coming out of a characters head or something and just make the story good.


Gave up half way through episode 4 of S3, it’s just really really bad.

will say I think the Canada stuff had been good. seems to be directed in a completely different style too

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