The Handmaid's Tale

Fucking brilliant swindle tho. Reel em in with a season and a bits worth of decent material, then stretch the rest out with slo mo scenes and closeups of the lead snarling or smiling.

The closeups I can live with, but it’s how every scene takes ages to play out because of flashbacks and pretentious camerawork

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Yeah I mean I agree with that broadly. The thing is, it’s still brilliantly acted and shot and stuff, which is why I call it beige rather than shit. This is the modern ‘premium TV’ issue, same thing as that Ozark series: everything about it is excellently done except it’s boring, although that show starts off bad rather than giving us a season and a chunk of greatness.

I do think

There’s an implicit thing where the regime is not as powerful as it looks. I actually think the fact that June is allowed to do what she does and yet is still powerless is sort of a point here. I don’t think totalitarian regimes have to constantly squash everything and, in fact, when June’s being awful to other handmaids, that’s sort of what they want.

Their issue is in people banding together. June is still very much on her own. The handmaids like her but it’s futile. So for now they let it play out.

Dunno about her being not the person we thought. I don’t consider her directly responsible for the death of a Martha, she does what we know she does and takes stupid risks for her own child. And the other handmaid leaves her in it. I think she is being dehumanised and that’s surely a reasonable point. She’s becoming exactly the person the regime wants her to be.

I assume there’ll be some soul searching in upcoming episodes. However, given that shooting was the first bit of action for ages I’m a bit yawn.

OTOH Season 2 did this and then had the grenade moment with Ofglen and that kicked the gear up so maybe they’ll use their final 5 episodes better. But will the story actually progress?

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OMG spoiler it

It is spoilered?


forget it. been drinkin,

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hah hah!

Doesn’t really seem to make sense though, does it? Apparently the apocalypse only happened in the United States? Like most of the population is sterile and half the country is a radioactive wasteland, but the rest of the world is completely fine? Also apparently Gilead is only part of the US, not all of it, so why aren’t the exiled government and US allies doing anything about it? How big could Gilead’s army possibly be? The attempts at world building just raise far more questions than they answer.

I thought the first series was really good but they pretty much told the whole book story in that series and clearly have no idea what to do with it. I personally feel it would work a lot better if they didn’t stick with the same characters, because it means no-one can progress, so June keeps escaping and being captured with seemingly no consequences, when other people are being executed for stealing bread. Why is she still alive? The only possible reason she was kept alive in S2 was that she was pregnant, but she’s had the kid now.

idk man, that all reads fine to me… its just not a post apocalypse world. Gilead won the civil war, they control the vast majority of the US, there are rebels fighting but I can’t remember there ever being talk of an opposing government.

dunno, big? they’re an authoritarian military culture and have, presumably a lot of the firepower of the former USA…

don’t think there’s ever any suggestion that the rest of the world is fine, just that they’re not mega fascists.

idk, I’ve sacked it off now anyway… but it’s on the bad characterisation rather than world building

the bottle episode was utter dross, episode 10 was great though

the use of music in the this season has been absolutely dogshit

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Gonna do ep10 later. The one set entirely in the hospital was absolutely horrifically dull what were they thinking?

it was so bad, they normally only do that sort of stuff when they either run out of money or are tied in to doing a set number of episodes and don’t have enough material but fucking hell it was bad

i think i’m… gonna stop watching guys. this is bizarrely shit now

Might stop after this season but I’ve given it too much of my time to stop 2/3 through. It’s been dogshit though

The Heaven is a Place on Earth monologue, the look to the camera. UUGGGHHH

would like to see a breakdown of the total amount of screentime dedicated to june grimacing at the camera

They should really rename the show Elizabeth Moss’ Expressive And Interesting Face

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I stopped when she was looking at photos of people in a subway or something or when she got dragged out a plane? Might have been the same episode. I’ll pretend it ended when they blew up that bomb :fist:

Episode 11 Holy shit, @xylo, plot actually happened?!

I am shook.

Oh right, two episodes left, that explains it.

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Episode 11 was fuckin’ brilliant!

Waterford’s Twist!

hotel room scene!

Kate Bush murder cleanup montage!