The Handmaid's Tale

While I broadly agree I have a couple of points, one negative:

Me and the wife both agreed that June going to pieces like that after killing the high commander was bullshit. She would have been completely ready to start cleaning herself up etc. This felt like an excuse to have the Martha come in and thank her (even though it’s wildly ridiculous one of those 5 would know for sure she helped and be there etc.) and I guess they’re trying to give her this human thing for the viewers after making her so cold and calculating early on. Shame.

Regarding the Waterfords, I guess it was more surprising because we didn’t know what deal they thought they would make but it was a bit frustrating to have this secrecy about what they were planning and then for it not to happen at all. I guess the reveal will be important for the next bit though.

Question then:

Did Serena set him up or was she as shocked as she seemed? I just took it as her being led away with a softer soaping because that guy would rather have her testifying against Waterford than try to build a case against both of them with fewer witnesses, but my wife thought she must have engineered it all.

oh shit, got good again! contender for one of the best episodes in the series I think. properly:


thought it was pretty obvious that he’d been set up by Serena? her introducing the idea of meeting someone from canada in the last episode even though we knew it was the american agent, the scene with the martha earlier in the ep too, her asking him what life would be like if none of this happened etc

also I thought it was fine that she looked shellshocked. I interpreted that as her thinking it was all over and her luck had finally run out. it was a spur of the moment thing, and where is she going to get rid of a commander’s body in a brothel populated nearly completely by commanders


But with no witnesses and a ride just outside. Dunno, I never see her as giving up in that way in this season. It felt to us like she’d moved on from that and would see this as a thing she had to deal with.

aye episode 11 was tremendous, if they can keep up that standard for the remaining two episodes it’ll have made sitting through some of the shite this season worth it

Just when I thought I was out,
they convince me to carry on watching the TV show

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I think it’s a measure of how unengaged with this I am that I’m happily reading spoilers.

There really is fuck all on the telly these days.

FINALÉ (episode 13)

good episode. Just fucking make a whole season like this you fucks

aw man, that was great.


Might have cried quite a lot during the aircraft hanger scene

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Yeah! 11 - 13 were so great but it was painful getting there

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My wife and I felt like the characters in Canada got completely sidelined too. Had they bothered to have more stories with them and cut down on the endless nothing-happening stuff south of the border maybe it would have been better.

TBH it’s really frustrating that this and the second season are really implying the showrunners haven’t enough ideas to fill 13 episodes or else are just stringing it out. I don’t really understand any of that either. 10 episodes felt right for S1. Give us 13 if you’re going to use them otherwise what is the point?

i think the 3rd series started pretty well sagged really badly in the middle and ended tremendously, as @1101010 says i’d prefer if they either had more of the canadian stuff or just cut it down to 10 episodes per series

renewed for a 4th series too…