THE haribo thread

Best standard mix

  • Tangfastics
  • Starmix
  • Super mix
  • Funny Mix
  • Football Mix

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Best standard single shape bag

  • Gold bears
  • Cola bottles
  • Fizzy cola bottles
  • Cherries
  • Fizzy cherries
  • Strawbs
  • Peaches
  • Worms
  • Smurfs
  • Something else

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More haribo chat and polls actively encouraged

Best individual haribo is either the gold bear or the jelly men from the supermix. Should be able to get those lads on their own

Could go for some fizzy cherries right now

We had a charity bake sale at work a few years ago, one guy bought in “haribo cake” which was a big round Tupperware which he’d filled with haribo, then stuck in the microwave so they all melted and left them to solidify, then cut into slices like a cake.


Always pick up the absolutely massive sacks of goldbears in an airport

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Thought you were a vegetarian?

That was a cry for help

The super sour lightning bolt ones are the best ones

They’re not real bears!

(it’s a real weakness for me but luckily this thread is a judgment free zone)

It’s fine, no judgement from me, I’ll just need you to hand in your badge and gun at the next big meet


I went through a period of getting a massive box of jelly people delivered monthly on subscription

What a way to out yourself as a massive pothead to your colleagues.

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Haven’t had one for almost twenty years but tangfastics were my favourite as a nipper

I’ve heard that kids and grown ups love it so

People who love it so

  • Kids
  • Grownups
  • Both
  • Neither

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Their adverts push this idea too far

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I would have said tangfastics years ago but they’re a bit much for me now, rather just have a couple of those crocodiles with the spongy tummies.

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I don’t like the ones where the adults have baby voices.


Funny Mix?

haribo are the sweets that other people buy anyway, nice to keep them that way