THE haribo thread

No Newsom comments here, you’re all better than that

Love when you see European bags in some shops and they have liquorice bits in. Ace

Fucking love haribo, but can’t stop myself eating too many and always feel like absolute shit afterwards. Normally don’t notice the effect on things I’m eating, but haribo is a one-way ticket to shitfeels city

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Big big fan of tangfastics, the cherries in particular. Mmm…

she’s more of a fruit pastille fan

yeah they’re not good for a whole packet, this is true of most sweets, fruit pastilles are the only ones you can eat loads of without any problem

You can definitely get veggie goldbears because everyone used to say they were laxatives and you’d poo yourself if you ate too many

I went to college where the Haribo factory is, AMA

they’re dead hard to find outside of weird airport shops though

I mean, you’re not wrong, but as someone who overindulges in gummy based sweets too regularly, nothing quite makes me feel as shit as a Haribo binge.

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was that the one in pontefract, drove past that once, lost

Maoam chat allowed?

DId you have a good time?

That’s sugar free gummy bears.

You can get veggie haribo-type sweets but yer Tangfastics etc are full of hoofy goodness.


I’ve replied multiple times already


He’s a bit tedious but I guess he’s here now so whatever

which is a worse binge eating feeling?

  • big bag of haribo
  • tube of pringles

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These are Lord of Haribo/Maoam conglomerate


Had a big tub of Tangfastics in the kitchen a few months ago. Was having a handful every time I went into the kitchen. It barely lasted a week.