The Haxan Cloak


Really hope Bobby puts something new out soon. He seems to have pulled his stuff from Spotify but his IG story today reckons they’ll be back up soon? He posts IG videos every now and again and his new stuff sounds huge.

Anyone got any news?


Seconded. Those first two records were really of their time. Thank god Raime are still knocking stuff out (new EP out on Mumdance and Logos label this week).


Ooh am gonna check this out.


Pure gear porn this :heart_eyes:


There’s a second post alongside the above with a video of noise banging out of that thing. Sounds :ok_hand:


Yeah caught it earlier. Would very much like to hear a new album please and thanks.


I very much like The Haxan Cloak, and also wish they would put some new stuff out. Thx


his set at Shellac ATP was probs the most intense live music experience I’ve had.


Always felt his stuff veered into self parody, especially after seeing him live. Sounded a bit like a bunch of Scary Cinematic stock music with the bass turned up.

Much prefer the Vessel and Forest Swords records from around that time, so much more interesting and engaging.


I second this. Amazing and anxiety-inducing at the same time!


I saw him in the B&W octagon thing at primavera sound a few years back. It was fucking amazing


oh yes new music please!


Just stumbled across this if you fancy listening to what is going on in Bobby’s head last year.