The Hell of Work [Polls]

Do you enjoy what you currently do?

  • Yes
  • Enjoy is a bit strong, tolerate
  • Obviously not

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Are you paid to basically do nothing?

  • Literally rammed pal
  • I am busy but it is basically for nothing, it has no purpose
  • I can’t really fathom how my job exists

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How much rudeness do you have to put up with?

  • Being treated like dirt is a pre-requisite of the job
  • My colleagues are needlessly unpleasant
  • Sometimes
  • No it’s relatively dignified

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Does your current job make you miss a previous job

  • For sure
  • No chance
  • Yes, but I’m surprised by that

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  • Work has a negative affect on my mental & physical health
  • I feel better doing something, anything

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Teaching requires that you be treated like sub atomic particles tbh

I would like to reply both 1 & 3 on this 2nd poll please


hahahaha particle physics joke


that’s because children have an instinctual and completely correct grasp that education is nothing but a bunch of false promises

More the adults tbh

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Looking forward to this thread. Been finding work really shit and boring these past few weeks. No motivation. How the fuck is this maybe my life for the next 30 years?


Have spells now and then of literally having no work to do which is amazing but they’re not as common as they used to be.

Until recently had absolutely no qualms about coming into work but they’ve temporarily made my job really shit

Better place to vent than my nice safe calm banal thread was at least :wink:

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What do you do with downtime

  • Not on downtown book
  • Do something productive like an excel course
  • Read a book
  • Go on DiS and BBC news
  • Other

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Would you enjoy a thread about downtime in work next week?

  • Yes
  • No way

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Follow on:

  • My job gives greater meaning to me life
  • Neither option
  • My job further amplifies the feeling that nothing matters

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Passes the time,I suppose.

It’s absolutely fine for me, literally no critiscisms in terms of people or environment. Not stressful, good location, decent pay, good career path.

But I just. Do. No. Care. And I’m finding that hard to deal with, really tempted to go in a wildly different direction but having already got used to this money I’m not sure how easily I would drop back down to unstable wages

I have a diff job every month basically so it’s a massive load of ‘depends’ but current job is needlessly stressful and for a literally awful show that nobody cares about and actively makes me dread coming in.

I work as wyclef and the rock’s backing vocalist


Which system just invented more useless jobs arbitrarily

  • Capitalism (in denial)
  • Communism (ideologically)

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Teaching is probably the most rewarding thing I’ve done, but it’s too hellish to do long term.