The Hold Steady- Entitlement Crew


Big fan of theirs, but similar to most, I think they lost a little something when Franz left. Anyway they just released two new songs on their bandcamp and Franz is back on these.


Oh nice, I saw this this morning but forgot to post them.

It has a earlier feel to it in his delivery bit closer to Separation Sunday than later albums. I’d still prefer it if it had that more frantic shouted delivery of those early albums though.

Did anyone get tickets to the Boys and Girls in America shows in London next year?


Nice little Les Savy Fav reference in the 2nd track and a call back to ‘hooked up to computers’.


I prefer these to almost everything’s gonna from the last couple of releases. Had no idea Franz was back - that’s terrific! All that, coupled with the strength of Finn’s recent solo album bodes well…


Yeah, I got some tickets for the Friday. Good to see Franz back in the fold, but to be honest their live shows without him were still great even if the records were a bit mixed.


Somehow just got round to listening to these, but it’s easily their best stuff since Stay Positive. Entitlement Crew sounds a lot like the anthemic stuff of that album, Snake In The Shower actually sounds close to later-stage Lifter Puller at times albeit a bit more streamlined and with the standard THS classic rock influences more prominent. Both are fucking great, and Craig Finn’s storytelling is vivid and compelling again after being pretty boring on the last album (though it’s been better on his recent solo stuff).


Two more new songs


Two more really, really great tracks! Esther is definitely more a Craig Finn solo track than Hold Steady.
Is there any word of a new album?


Wow! V excited by these. Craig was on a podcast I listened to recently (The Moment, I think) and sort of implied Hold Steady might become a slightly more part time thing. That is: he didn’t think touring all over the world was the best use of their time. Rather three or four shows in big markets and maybe more one-off type releases like this.

That was post-Entitlement Crew and he didn’t sound super sure that they’d do anything any time soon. Maybe this looser arrangement is more fun and seductive than committing to a full album cycle etc?


Ah, I see these songs came from the same sessions. Even so - terrific stuff.


Anyone going to the gigs this weekend? Really looking forward to tonight!

To help pass the time on the train down, how would you rank the studio albums? I’ll go with:
Separation Sunday
Boys and girls…
Stay positive
Almost killed me
Heaven is whenever
Teeth dreams


Does anyone need a spare for tonight? My mate that I was originally going with is abroad and it’s proving surprisingly hard to shift!


I think that’d be my ranking too, though it’s hard to pick a favourite between Boys and Girls and Separation Sunday


Separation Sunday
Boys and Girls…
Almost Killed Me
Heaven is Whenever
Stay Positive (with the caveat that some individual songs are better than Heaven it’s not as good overall as a album)
Teeth Dreams


Boy and Girls in America
Separation Sunday
Almost Killed Me
Stay Positive
Heaven Is Whenever
Teeth Dreams


Seperation Sunday
Boys and Girls
Heaven is Whenever
Almost Killed Me
Stay Positive
Teeth Dreams

I mostly listen to #1 (which never gets old) and #3 (The Weekenders <3 <3 <3 <3) these days .

Very very excited about the show tonight!


Is there a DiS contingent going tonight? I’ll be heading down there soon as I think support is on 7.45 and hold steady at 8.45 according to Facebook.


Best band <3


This is neat.


Another couple of songs.